iBasso SR2 high-end over-ear headphones

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iBasso SR2 high-end over-ear headphones

iBasso SR2 - The most beautiful form of technical progress

The highlights of the iBasso SR2 headphones in summary: As the similarity of names suggests, the iBasso SR2 is the successor to the limited iBasso SR1. Technically identical, it has been revised to make sense in terms of both looks and functions.
  • Good, even better - the successor to the excellent iBasso SR1
  • Clever mix of materials - silicone, cellulose and powerful magnets
  • Half-open design - enjoy undisturbed, airy and clear sound
  • Improved wearing comfort - is even more comfortable to wear than its predecessor
  • Exchangeable cables - Complete freedom in choosing the connection cable on the handset
  • Smooth evolution of the predecessor - and yet a real hit
The iBasso SR1 was iBasso's outstanding premiere in the field of over-ear headphones - and what a! Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide, it was the "test run" for the first large headphones and at the same time the technology carrier for its successor: the iBasso SR2.

Technically almost identical to its predecessor, it takes another clear step forward visually. The driver housing and the connecting pieces are made of aluminum, the brackets themselves are made of light spring steel. The headband is wrapped in fine, soft cowhide leather, while the ear pads are made of durable and robust, perforated synthetic leather (also known as protein leather) which optimally adapts to almost any head shape thanks to the body heat.

Clever combination of materials for excellent sound

Bio-cellulose membrane - powerful and high-strength

The membrane of the iBasso SR2 consists of bio-cellulose - a natural plant fiber. The special thing about this material is the ratio of internal strength to weight. Similar to beryllium, the membrane is light and therefore extremely fast, but at the same time extremely strong and thus resistant to undesired distortions. The best from both worlds.

Decoupling of the membrane using silicone

The vibrating membrane has to be connected to the non-vibrating part of the headphones in some way, because it cannot float in the air. However, there is a problem with this: the vibrations are also transmitted to the housing and are sometimes audible there.

For this reason, just like its predecessor, the SR1, the iBasso SR2 uses a suspension made of light and elastic silicone. This suspension allows the membrane to vibrate freely and easily, but at the same time effectively absorbs the vibrations that spread to the housing.

Full Tesla power for ultimate control

“Tesla” is the unit of measurement for magnetic flux density. The higher the magnetic flux density, the more control the magnet has over the vibrating membrane and thus ultimately over the accuracy of the music signal.

With a Tesla magnetic force, the iBasso SR1 is bursting with energy and provides a stable and deep black bass with plenty of control, which at the same time conveys an incredible stage representation and a high degree of detail.

Half-open design, full of sound - airy and transparent

There are basically two different concepts for headphones. On the one hand the open design - recognizable by the open, mostly “barred” ear cups. This principle scores with an airy sound and excellent spatiality. However, a lot of sound also penetrates to the outside and outside noises can be heard under the headphones.

The closed design - recognizable by the closed ear cups - has more potential for pressure and depth in the bass and it seals off outside noise better. But it is usually not the last word in terms of space.

The half-open construction basically combines the advantages of both types with minimized disadvantages. And as with the predecessor SR1, iBasso also relies on this concept with its successor SR2. The result: powerful bass, excellent spatiality and low noise development outside when listening to music.

Next generation comfort - and even less weight

When putting on the iBasso SR2 for the first time, the proud owner may notice the tight pressure of the headphones. This ensures that the headphones always sit neatly in place, even during long listening sessions or when you are in motion, without slipping.

The headband made of fine cowhide not only looks good, but also ensures a comfortable fit. The real highlight, however, are the diagonally cut ear pads made of perforated synthetic leather. These adapt to the shape of your head after a short time due to the body heat and thus ensure that you hardly feel the headphones themselves.

But that is not all. Because iBasso has also continued to work on the weight of the headphones themselves, reducing it from 420 grams (for the iBasso SR1) to 395 grams (for the iBasso SR2). It's all about every detail.

Full flexibility - even with the headphone cable used

At home, people like to have a longer headphone cable so that they can move around freely and to be able to have a greater distance from the system. After all, you don't always sit right next to the amplifier. On the other hand, things look very different on the way. The headphone cable should tend to be a little shorter (in any case less than two meters) so that the cable does not get caught or tangled.

Now you can either take a short cable for when you are on the move and then attach it to the system at home using an extension. You can also use a long cable and try to keep it rolled up and securely stowed away when you are out and about. Or: You simply use two cables. A long version for at home and a short version for on the go!
Using two cables in the iBasso SR2 is very easy. Whether you want to use cables of different lengths or different tonal properties, everything is done with two clicks. This is made possible by the 3.5 mm jack plug - one on each side of the headphones. That's how easy it can be.

The supplied, 1.80 meter long headphone cable made of silver-plated copper also ends on the other side in a 3.5 mm jack plug and thus guarantees maximum compatibility with almost all music players, smartphones and headphone amplifiers. In addition to the high-quality storage box, the scope of delivery also includes a jack adapter from 3.5 mm to 6.35 mm jack.

  • Type: semi-open
  • Frequency range: 3 Hz - 40 kHz
  • Efficiency: 108 dB (1 kHz)
  • Impedance: 24 Ω
  • Cable length: 1.8 meters
  • Weight: 395 grams (without cable)
  • Scope of delivery: iBasso SR2 / 1.8 meter headphone cable with 3.5 mm jack plug / adapter from 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm / replacement pad / storage bag / quick start guide
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