Shanling Q1 Retro Design HiRes Player with Bluetooth

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Shanling Q1 Retro Design HiRes Player with Bluetooth

Shanling Q1 - Modern technology meets retro design The Shanling Q1 mobile music player in summary: This is where the looks from the 40s and 50s meet modern technology of today. Music playback up to 32 bit / 384 kilohertz and DSD128, Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX and LDAC as well as a first-class touchscreen in a stylish housing - joy for the eye AND ear is guaranteed!

The highlights of the Shanling Q1 at a glance:     
  • Hi-Res compatible - music for the highest demands in the best quality     
  • Wireless pleasure - Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX and LDAC on board     
  • Can also be used as a USB DAC - first-class sound from a computer or laptop

Everything packaged in high quality - housing made of zinc and tempered glass    

 A real endurance runner - up to 21 hours of battery life     First-class D / A converter - Hi-Res music of the highest quality "Small but powerful!" Are probably the first words that come to mind when you look at the technical data of the Shanling Q1. Even in this small and extremely affordable mobile hi-res player, there is a DAC chip built by the American specialist ESS Technology - that of the ESS ES9218P. This provides a wide format support for hi-res music such as FLAC and ALAC up to 32 bit and 384 kilohertz, but also DSD64 / 128 (DSF / DIFF). All other formats such as AAC, MP3 and Co. are of course also supported. A matter of honor. So you can press the “Play” button on the Q1 in a relaxed and self-confident way, it simply plays it.

Everything under control - thanks to the touchscreen and physical buttons The Shanling Q1 is powered and controlled by the 3rd generation Shanling operating system Shanling MTouch. So you have everything under control at all times with just one finger. What you still have to do without: Three physical buttons + volume controls are still available to operate the Q1 quickly and easily, even when the display is off or when it is in your pocket.

Wireless pleasure thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 - as a transmitter and receiver!

Listening to music elegantly and with high quality is also wireless, thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 with codecs such as aptX and LDAC. Pair your favorite headphones, press play and the fun can begin. But wait, the Shanling Q1 can do much more! You can also use the Q1 as a premium Bluetooth receiver and amplifier by sending music from your smartphone, tablet or PC to the Q1 via Bluetooth and then listening to the music on headphones.

The third option is to use the Shanling Q1 as a USB DAC and to wirelessly pass on the music played via Bluetooth to any receiver, such as your Bluetooth headphones. Your computer thus benefits from the high-quality D / A converter integrated in the Q1 and you can easily enjoy your music wirelessly. A multi-talent even at the USB port - USB DAC, USB transport and more Integrated USB-DAC - also gets your computer or laptop busy Sure, the Shanling Q1 is actually a mobile music player on the go, but why not use its qualities on a PC or laptop? You don't want to waste any potential… That's why Shanling has thought along with it and designed the Q1 as a high-quality USB DAC with a maximum of 24 bits / 192 kHz. And as if that weren't enough, the USB-C port offers two more exciting functions.

USB transport - if you want to connect a high-quality DAC

The integrated D / A converter ESS ES9218P does a great job in the Shanling Q1, but one thing is also clear: there is more. For example with an external D / A converter that can be supplied via USB connection. The Q1 plays along perfectly and “transforms” into a USB transport on request. In other words, it passes your music untouched in its original format to the downstream D / A converter or USB-C headphones and you decide how to proceed.

Data transfer via USB - simple and elegant

A strength of the Shanling Q1 is also a small weakness - it accepts microSD cards with up to 2 TB capacity. Now your music must somehow be transferred from the hard drive to the MicroSD card. So look for the adapter from MicroSD to the classic SD card size, insert it into the card reader and then copy the music. That stops and often the adapter is not where you put it last.
The Q1 makes life a little easier for you, too, as you can simply transfer your music directly to the microSD card inserted in the player via USB-C. Without adapter, card reader, etc.
And thanks to the USB-C connection, the USB cable is guaranteed to always fit!

The formula for long durability? - zinc and glass!

So that you can enjoy your Shanling Q1 for a long time, the case of the music player has been chosen for a durable zinc alloy, encased in one of four available pastel shades. You can choose between classic black, bright red, soft pastel blue and a timeless cream white.
The whole thing is rounded off by the tempered glass front, which not only offers a clear view, but also offers appropriate protection against unsightly scratches.

Runs and runs and runs - battery life of up to 21 hours!

No matter how long your day is, the Shanling Q1 can last longer! Despite its many skills and talents, Shanling has managed to reduce his hunger for energy to such an extent that the Q1 plays music for up to 21 hours at a time (depending on the headphones, volume and file format used).
And with the USB-C interface, it can be recharged almost anywhere and in no time and is ready for use again.

Praktisches Zubehör im Lieferumfang – So wie es eben sein soll

Wenn Sie Ihren Shanling Q1 das erste Mal auspacken, werden Sie sich nicht nur über den Player selbst freuen, sondern auch über das praktische, im Lieferumfang befindliche Zubehör.
Denn ihm liegt auch gleich noch das passende USB-C-Kabel zum Aufladen und zum Datentransfer bei, als auch ein praktisches, farblich auf das Gehäuse abgestimmtes Silikon-Case mit dabei.
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