Eversolo DMP-A8 Digital Network-Streamer

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Eversolo DMP-A8 Digital Network-Streamer


With the DMP-A8, eversolo presents a high-quality and versatile network player and DAC. The DMP-A8 is the heart of a modern HiFi system and offers a variety of applications for both playing local files and accessing the music library from network storage or your favorite music streaming service. The absolutely high-quality design of the DMP-A8 ensures very pure and precise sound reproduction.

Proprietary EOS audio engine

The DMP-A8 uses the proprietary operating system EOS (Eversolo Original Sampling-rate Audio Engine), which supports audio output at all sampling rates. In other words, any audio playback can completely bypass the Android SRC (Android Mixer) limitation and supports audio pass-through from third-party apps for bit-perfect playback. It supports almost all available high-resolution file formats, including CD formats (FLAC, WAV, APE), DSD512 (.dsf, .dff, .iso, .dst), as well as stereo and multi-channel streams.

Aluminum chassis and large touch display

The housing of the Eversolo DMP-A8 is made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum that has been precisely CNC milled to form an extremely robust unit. The brushed front and the anodized housing form a beautiful combination of classic and modern. The front of the device features a six-inch Full HD LCD touchscreen that features an ergonomic interface that provides a fluid and intuitive user experience, allowing you to easily access your music and the DMP-A8's many features.

Special connection options

The DMP-A8 can be used as a digital player to connect various other high-end DACs via its I2S, HDMI, USB, optical or coaxial outputs. As a DAC, it also offers numerous digital inputs: two coaxial, two optical and USB-B for connecting a computer or smartphone. As a high-performance preamplifier, the device offers a balanced XLR input and an unbalanced RCA input. Additionally, the DMP-A8 features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, allowing it to easily connect wirelessly to numerous sources. The DMP-A8 can also be connected directly to active speakers or a power amplifier via its unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR outputs, and a trigger output allows you to integrate the DMP-A8 into an automatic switch-on chain.

Audiovisual & Storage

Six digital filters with different modes make it possible to vary the sound reproduction as desired. Numerous meter and audio spectrum displays are available, providing an aesthetic visual experience. An M.2 SSD slot NVME is integrated into the bottom of the device, making it quick and easy to install an SSD (sold separately) without fully opening the device. The DMP-A8 supports SSDs with a capacity of up to 4TB. This allows storage capacity to be expanded with a fast, reliable and quiet system for local file playback. In addition, it is also possible to connect an external storage device directly via the device's USB OTG port.

Dual power supply design

To eliminate interference and noise between the system circuits (data processing, display, etc.) and the audio circuits and to increase sound purity, a separate power supply circuit design is used. The linear power supply consists of a toroidal transformer that is specifically tailored to the characteristics of analog audio circuits. The high-quality switching power supply is optimized for system switching. This architecture dramatically reduces ripple and interference, enabling high-end audio processing. The DMP-A8 linear power supply features intelligent input voltage switching.

3rd generation XMOS XU316 USB interface

With the third generation XMOS XU316 USB interface, the DMP-A8 is faster with a higher bandwidth, ensuring lossless signal transmission even with high-resolution streams. The USB ports of the DMP-A8 support streams up to DSD512 Native and PCM 32Bit 768kHz.

DAC AK4499EX + AK4191EQ

The DMP-A8 benefits from AKM's latest innovation in digital to analog conversion. It is equipped with the AK4499EX and AK4191EQ DAC chips and uses proprietary Velvet Sound technology to ensure sound reproduction that is as precise as it is rich and detailed.

Double Accusilicon clock

Two Accusilicon femtosecond oscillators with ultra-low phase noise provide the decoding circuits with a clean clock signal (45.1584MHz and 49.152MHz). This design effectively suppresses jitter, ensuring extremely precise conversion and decoding of audio signals, favoring a very wide dynamic range and beautiful sound definition.

Fully balanced analog preamp circuit

The DMP-A8 is equipped with a fully balanced, particularly powerful preamplifier with analog XLR and RCA inputs. It also benefits from +10dB analogue gain and, as it is combined with an R2R volume control, ensures very low noise and distortion at the output.

R2R volume control

The DMP-A8 benefits from a fully balanced R2R volume control that uses precision resistors and relays to provide precise volume control that effectively suppresses distortion and noise in the analog signal. In addition, a volume protection is built in, which automatically reduces excessive volume levels to a defined level when the device is switched on. The use of an analog R2R volume control ensures that the DAC can work optimally even in continuous operation.


The DMP-A8 is equipped with an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) input and can be connected to display devices such as televisions and projectors that also have this function. This allows audio signals to be separated and transmitted from the HDMI signal to the DMP-A8, allowing the device's sound quality to be enjoyed with televisions or projection systems.

Carefully selected components

The main components of the audio circuit are of the highest quality, including German WIMA capacitors, Nichicon and Murata audio capacitors, Japanese Omron relays, American Texas Instruments OPs and many others. This careful selection of components used allows the DMP-A8 to deliver professional sound quality.

Professional settings & outstanding audio quality

In order to reproduce your music true to the original down to the smallest detail, the DMP-A8 was precisely tuned during its development. So it offers incredible measurements.Ein leistungsstarker und flexibler DSP

The DMP-A8 also features a powerful DSP processor that integrates DSP volume control, parametric equalizer, FIR filter, HPF/LPF filter, bass enhancement, compressor and delay management.

Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth receiving chip

The Eversolo DMP-A8's Bluetooth 5.0 input uses a Qualcomm QCC5125 receiver chip, which makes it easy to stream music wirelessly, e.g. B. from a smartphone or tablet, and this in very good sound quality thanks to the transmission codecs aptX, aptX LL, aptX HD and LDAC.

Favorite streaming services at the touch of a button

The DMP-A8 offers access to various popular music streaming platforms and web radios such as Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music, HighResAudio or Paradise Radio. The list of available streaming services is subject to change as new certifications are received. Further streaming services are planned with the release of the next firmware versions.

A music library for local playback

Eversolo's music library system not only offers excellent local playback, but also a practical and intuitive interface. Music files can be added from a local hard drive or via a network storage space. The metadata is automatically retrieved from the cloud to build a true library of artist names, album covers, CUE files, etc. Music is displayed in categories by genre, album, artist and sampling rate. Of course you can also design your own playlists.

Numerous network protocols supported

The DMP-A8 supports numerous network protocols including NFS, SMB v1/v2/v3 and UPnP/DLNA, allowing music stored on a NAS or network device connected to the local network to be browsed and played. Even high-resolution audio streams can be played without interruptions.

Efficient file management system

The DMP-A8 provides a powerful file management system that can copy, paste, cut and delete files from a local storage device or a network device. The USB-C port can be configured in OTG mode, making connecting the DMP-A8 to a computer completely seamless to manage all files. The SMB sharing feature allows files to be transferred from a connected mobile device or internal SSD to other playback devices, such as a computer or NAS on the network. This allows the DMP-A8 to be used as a network storage device that can be accessed at any time.

Playing & ripping CDs

The DMP-A8 allows you to play CDs by connecting an external player (not included) via USB. The CD ripping application uses a data validation system and an error correction function to save audio data without loss. The algorithm intelligently assigns album and track names, rips files, and automatically generates album and artist information.

Smart control app

A mobile control app for Android and iOS was developed specifically for the DMP-A8. In addition to basic playback control and local system settings management, the app provides asynchronous access to data from your music library, system applications and menus. It also allows access to streaming services directly from the user interface. An infrared and Bluetooth remote control is included. The WoL (Wake on LAN) function is also supported to turn the device on/off remotely via the network (wired network connection required).


  • Bluetooth
  • Coaxial SPDIF
  • Optical Toslink
  • RCA
  • RJ45
  • USB
  • WiFi
  • XLR
  • Bluetooth
  • Coaxial SPDIF
  • HDMI
  • Optical Toslink
  • RCA
  • USB
  • XLR
DAC/ADC chip
  • AK4499EX
Sampling rate max.
  • 768kHz
  • DSD512
  • MQA
remote control
  • Yes
Streaming Services & Network Protocols
  • AirPlay
  • Amazon Music
  • DLNA
  • Qobuz
  • Roon / Roon Bridge / Roon Ready
  • Spotify
  • Spotify Connect
  • Tidal
  • Tidal Connect
  • Web radios
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