Q-Acoustics Concept 500 Reference-Speakers (Pair)

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Q-Acoustics Concept 500 Floorstanding-Speakers

Since it was founded in 2006, Q Acoustics has established itself as a leading manufacturer of inexpensive, great-sounding speakers. Now the time is ripe for the next step - the Q Acoustics Concept 500!

The Concept 500 is a high-class floorstanding loudspeaker for discerning audiophile listeners, which combines art and science in a congenial way. The loudspeaker convinces with a stylish, modern and elegant appearance as well as an impressively realistic and accurate music reproduction. It combines precise localization with a room-filling sound image and high sensitivity with a practical impedance. As a result, the new Concept 500 not only sounds absolutely fantastic in most rooms, but can also be easily controlled with almost all amplifiers. In order to create a sound stage that is impressive in all dimensions, as we know it from live music, excellent loudspeaker chassis, carefully tuned crossovers and a properly constructed housing are essential. With a highly qualified team with many years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of excellent loudspeakers, Q Acoustics succeeded in creating the Concept 500 - a high-end loudspeaker that is technically, optically and sonically pure.


Carefully selected high-quality components allow the crossover to work practically free of noise and distortion. 4th order Linkwitz-Riley crossovers are used, which offer excellent playback properties both on and off the axis.

P2P ™ housing stiffeners

With the P2P ™ (point-to-point) method, the housing parts that are prone to low-frequency vibrations are specifically stiffened.

Gelcore ™ housing walls

Three-layer housing walls, the spaces between which have been filled with a non-hardening gel under pressure, absorb housing resonances and convert high-frequency vibrations into heat.


The tweeter is mechanically decoupled from the housing, which protects the chassis and housing from vibrations that would normally be transmitted between them.


The voice coil of the bass-midrange speaker has an unusually large diameter of 35 mm, which leads to an excellent impulse response, a very high load capacity and reduced dynamic compression.

HPE ™ pressure equalizer

Slim loudspeakers run the risk of producing pronounced standing waves inside. The special Helmholtz pressure equalizers (HPE ™) equalize pressure differences within the housing.

  • Frequency range 41 Hz - 30 kHz
  • Nominal impedance 6 Ω
  • Minimum impedance 3.7 Ω
  • Recommended amplifier power 25 - 200 W.
  • Distortion (120 Hz - 20 kHz) 0.2%
  • Crossover frequency 2.5 kHz
  • Bass-midrange driver 2 x 165 mm ø
  • Tweeter 28 mm ø
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 400 x 1150 x 350 mm
  • Weight 42 kg
  • Adjustment of the treble reproduction + or - 0.5 dB

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You receive a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase for all of our high quality hifi-products.

If you observe any problem while using the product, you have the possibility to contact our friendly service team.

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Warranty extension for Q-Acoustics products

Q-Acoustics offers an extended warranty of 5 years for selected speakers. These are the shelf- and floorstanding speakers of the 3000, 7000, Install and Concept ranges. Their respective center speakers are also covered under the extended warranty.

Subwoofers and these products: M4 Media 7000 and BT3 are not covered under the extended warranty and have a regular warranty period of 2 years instead.

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