Harwood Acoustics Monitor LS 5/9 BBC Spec. Cherry with MT CLassic Stands, Bundle

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Harwood Acoustics Monitor LS 5/9 BBC Cherry Furniture with Music Tools Classic 54 cm Stands, Bundle

The Harwood LS 5/9 is a classic two-way bass reflex design that sees a 34 mm diameter soft dome tweeter matched to a 210mm diameter polypropylene-coned bass/midrange driver.

The tweeter is an Audax TWO34XO that’s made in France, to the front face of which Harwood fits what it calls a ‘dispersion loading protective plate’ in the form of an enormously strong non-ferrous perforated dome. The dome not only protects the 34mm soft dome from potential damage, but also modifies its high-frequency output and dispersion. 

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Fazit: "The truly revealing sound of these modern-classic studio monitors will allow you to enjoy music in your own home as authentically as possible."
  • Prositiv
  • + True monitor sound
  • + Modern classic
  • + BBC heritage Cons
  • Negativ
  • - Difficult to adjust high frequencies
  • - No bi-wireable speaker terminals
With the 2-way Harwood Acoustics LS 5/9 we have reproduced another interesting BBC monitor from 1983, which became the standard in radio playback as a studio loudspeaker, as the LS 3/5A had already achieved in 1976 for the mobile sector.This time, the BBC Report RD 1983/10 served as the basis for the implementation of the project.

Anyone who thinks that the LS 5/9 is just a larger LS 3/5A will be surprised by the enormous resolution and dynamics of the LS 5/9, which has an efficiency of almost 90 db/W/m. Here you don't need powerful amplifier bolides, current-stable 2 x 50 Watt amplifiers, preferably in Class A/B circuitry, are enough, so you can achieve a full-fledged sound character that lacks nothing.

Nowhere else is the idea of the near-field monitor realized in its purest form as in this model, because the resolution is very close to the original in every respect, whether voices, solo instruments or especially in small jazz ensembles, which play with unbridled dynamics and almost in life characteristics. Experience recommends solid stands with an optimal height of 54 cm and a slight inward angle as the preferred position.

The sonic potential inspires the audiophile listener after a short time with magnificent timbres and structures. The voices detach very well from the speaker and are placed in authentic size on a realistic stage in the room. In some ways, this speaker can be addictive, addicted to more choice of voices of any genre, whether jazz, classical, or sing-songwriter. The enormous variety of timbres is an advantage of the legendary BBC LS 5/9 monitor, which has earned its well-deserved place in the gallery of unforgettable – and also essential – classics.

  • Type: Two-way bass reflex
  • Mid/bass driver: Harwood 210 mm polypropylene with vinyl surround
  • Tweeter: Audax 34 mm with phase correction
  • Crossover: 18 dB / octave; Separation frequency: 3 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 89 dB at 1W/1M
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Load capacity: 100 watts
  • Maximum SPL: 106 dBA (in room)
  • Housing: 12 mm birch plywood with 15 mm hardwood strips
  • Grille: Black covering material
  • Finish: cherry veneer
  • Connections: 6 mm banana sockets
  • Dimensions: 462 x 281 x 276mm (HxWxD); with grille the depth is 285 mm
  • Weight: 12 kg (per speaker)
  • individual serial number with R (right) and L (left) version
Discription Music Tools CLASSIC Speaker-Stands for LS 5/9, Pair

The CLASSIC STANDS are designed and built for the classic monitor speakers. These stands are very stiff and entirely filled, their proportions are built from the functionality that shall perform,  available in four different sizes and heights.

  • welded steel structure
  • stoved soundproofing paint
  • filled and tuned with FIILLIN damping compound and lead
  • adjustable spikes for accurate floor coupling
  • Blu-Tack for loudspeakers and stand cupling
  • set of 8 FLOOR-SAVER ø 20 stainless steel incl.

Short data

Power Handling 100 Watt
Impedance 8 Ohm
Sound pressure 89 dB

Corossover Diagramm

Frequence LS 5/9 on 0 dB Axis

Impedanz LS 5/9

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