iBasso DX 120 High Performance Digital Audio Player and USB-DAC, brown (checked return)

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iBasso DX 120 Mobile HiRes Player and USB-DAC, brown (checked return)

The highlights of the iBasso DX120 at a glance:
  • Dedicated multi-core CPU and GPU - the basis for the best sound and usability
  • Mango OS as operating system - Highly optimized Linux as the basis
  • 3.2 “/ 8.13 centimeter touch display - informative and easy to use
  • High-end DAC integrated - the AKM AK4495 pampers even the most demanding listeners
  • More power! - Up to 400 mW power at 32 ohm load
Quad core CPU and dedicated GPU for best sound and usability

Listening to music is already a thing in itself today. While in the past (almost only) MP3 and WMA had to be optimized for portable music players, today there are a variety of music formats and numerous hi-res formats including DSD that such a player has to process. A Cortex A7 CPU is used in the iBasso DX120 to be well equipped for all these challenges. The special thing about it: Four computing cores are available and a dedicated GPU that further reduces the CPU load.

What sounds (and is) like a lot of technology has a very simple meaning: Outstanding usability! No matter what music format you have the iBasso DX120 played with, it always responds to all your inputs and requests. It also ensures at all times that there is more than enough computing power available to process and play your music.

Mango OS - Utilizes the strengths of the installed hardware optimally

In addition to the completely natural focus on the best sound in its price range, iBasso has also paid particular attention to another important aspect of a digital audio player: perfect operability.

The system requirements of Mango OS have been further reduced and optimized to reduce the computing load and the GPU (the dedicated graphics unit) has also been integrated into the display of the screen surface. Access to the memory architecture has also been further improved, which enables decoding of the music files almost in real time.
The result of all these system changes and improvements ensures that your iBasso DX120 reacts smoothly to your operator input at all times and provides the best sound over the long term.

3.2 “/ 8.13 centimeter touch display - that's how much power needs to be operated

There is also an exciting detail on the touch display, which should not go unmentioned. The iBasso DX120 uses OCA bonding. This means that the entire surface of the display is connected to the rest of the device using an optically transparent adhesive. Most other music players from other manufacturers only use adhesive strips in the edges that hold the display in place.
But: What do you get from it? Well, to ensure on the one hand that there is no air gap between the touch sensor, cover glass and display that could impair operability. This also significantly increases the structural integrity of the display, which significantly reduces the susceptibility to breakage.

Oh yes, and since the built-in display is a panel with IPS technology and 480 x 800 pixels, the display is also strong in color, crisp and stable in viewing angles.

Now we come to the tonal measures - the D / A converter AKM AK4495

Even if your beloved music in digital raw form travels with the greatest possible care from the microSD card through the iBasso DX120, the “moment of truth” comes at some point: the conversion from the digital raw form into the analogue. It's a good thing that iBasso makes no compromises here either. Your music is entrusted to the well-known D / A converter module AK4495 from the manufacturer Ahasi Kasei Microdevices (AKM for short). This shines with a sensational signal-to-noise ratio of up to 111 dB (which results in a distortion factor of outstanding 0.00028 percent) and thus ensures that no noise or other noise distracts you from your music.

Simply plug in the headphones and get started - with up to 400 mW of power at 32 ohms

Not only does the iBasso DX120 come up with a gigantic power of up to 400 mW, you also have the choice whether you prefer to operate your headphones symmetrically (2.5 mm jack) or unbalanced 3.5 mm jack).

And if you don't want to connect headphones at all, you can simply output your music digitally to an external D / A converter via the electrical coaxial output.

Where the good music comes from - via USB or from the microSD cards

The iBasso DX120 focuses on the essentials. Good music. The best way to ensure this is to avoid all kinds of internal disruptive factors. Such as Bluetooth or WLAN. Therefore, the DX120 only accepts music via its two integrated microSD card slots (currently with a maximum of 2 TB per memory card) and via the well-known USB DAC with XMOS XU208 USB receiver and Thesycon driver. Doesn't everything tell you anything? Then simply rely on the fact that this solution is one of the best, affordable and affordable solutions on the market.

So much equipment needs energy - and the iBasso DX120 delivers that too

With its 3,700 mAh battery and fast charging function via USB-C, the DX120 not only delivers a gigantic playing time of up to 16 hours, it is also fully charged on the charger within two hours.

So you practically always have good music with you everywhere.

Well equipped at the start - the scope of delivery

In addition to the player itself, you will also find the right USB Type-C cable included in the scope of delivery, a case made of transparent plastic as well as a coaxial digital cable and a burn-in cable. This burn-in cable has a very special purpose. Namely: let the player run the first hundred hours with a precisely defined load, so that DX120 achieves its sonic optimum. You can find out more in the operating instructions.

Now you only have to make one decision: which color should it be?

But don't worry, the selection is easy. You can choose between the modern Sky Blue (blue) and the timeless Earth Brown.

Depending on which type you are (modern or classic), this player underlines your personality on the go.

  • Model name: iBasso DX120
  • Headphone output: 3.5 mm jack and 2.5 mm balanced
  • Line output: 3.5 mm jack + coaxial digital output
  • USB: USB Type-C with USB-DAC with 32 bit / 384 kHz and DSD
  • Storage: 2 memory card slots, MicroSD up to 2 TB
  • Display: 3.2 inches / 8.1 centimeters, 480 x 800 pixels IPS color display
  • Color: Sky Blue, Earth Brown
  • Weight: 165 grams
  • Dimensions: width 63 millimeters, height 113 millimeters, depth 15 millimeters
  Headphone output
  • Output power: 400 mW (32 Ω load)
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz ~ 45 kHz (-1dB)
  • THD + N: 0.00028% (no load on the balanced output), 0.00042% (no load on the unbalanced output)
  • SNR: 117 dB (balanced), 115 dB (unbalanced)
  • Max output voltage: 3.6 Vrms (balanced), 1.8 Vrms (unbalanced)
  • Output impedance: symmetrical: 0.36 Ω, unbalanced: 0.24 Ω
  • Crosstalk: 116 dB (balanced), 115 dB (unbalanced)
  Line output
  • THD + N: 0.00042% (no load)
  • SNR: 115 dB
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz ~ 45 kHz (-1dB)
  • Dynamic range: 115 dB
  • Output voltage: 1.8 Vrms
Electricity and battery
  • Charging: via USB Type-C
  • Battery: 3,700 mAh lithium polymer
  • Battery life: 16 hours (depending on volume and headphones)
  • Charging time: 2 hours (when using QuickCharge)
Playback formats
  • Lossless: DSD64 / 128, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, WMA Losless
  • lossy: MP3, WMA
  • Resolution: 32 bit / 384 kHz and DSD64 / 128
  • Converter: AKM AK4495
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