Sumiko Pearl MM Cartridge

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Sumiko Pearl MM Cartridge

Black pearl for black gold

At the top of the classic Oyster models is the Pearl, which has been making listeners' hearts beat faster for decades. The Pearl is compatible with most tonearms on the market and fits perfectly with any MM phono preamp. He reminds us that you don't have to stretch your budget to achieve the highest level of sound quality. Dynamic yet smooth and incredibly musical, it's a well-balanced pickup with enticing highs, punchy mids and deep, rounded bass. Pearl introduces our elliptical stylus, which improves detail, adds brilliance and improves the stereo imaging of its Black Pearl sibling.

Handmade in Japan

From Oyster to Reference, every Sumiko pickup is handcrafted in Yokohama, Japan - near the waters where the eponymous oysters live. Sumiko selects the finest materials by ear, which together produce a performance that has enlightened generations of listeners. Each design is thoroughly tested until perfect. Production is then carried out by world-class craftsmen with a shared eye for precision and quality.

Suitable for light and medium-heavy tonearms. Also suitable for headshells that only allow the pickup to be screwed in from below, such as those found on older Thorens turntables.

  • Output voltage: 4mV
  • Amplifier connection/termination: Phono MM/47kΩ
  • Weight: 6g
  • Dynamic needle compliance, lateral: 12μm*
  • Scanning Diamond: Elliptical (r/R 8 x 18μm).
  • Tracking force: 2g
 * Needle compliance measured at 100Hz

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