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Test Fostex TH610 – best Over Ear Headphone under 1000 Euro?

"It still has 50mm drive units, although the flux density of each driver’s neodymium magnet is lower and it’s not quite as sensitive at 98dB/mW.  Fostex’s ‘bio-dyna’ diaphragm still features, fashioned from bio-cellulose fibre, the properties of which include low density and a high Young’s modulus.  Fostex claims it's better than the plastic film typically used in headphone drive units, offering  “high-resolution reproduction”.

VERDICT: Comfortable to wear, distinctive in appearance and oozing class these headphones deliver an involving and intricate sound. They can be upgraded to balanced operation.


- crisp and detailed presentation with effortless timing

- balanced upgrade and replacement earpads available

- superb build quality


-  slight treble emphasis

-  3.5mm connections ignored

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