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EAT B-Sharp Spitzen Plattenspieler für 1400,- €

The B-Sharp comes equipped with a factory installed Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge, hinged dustcover, low mass aluminum record clamp ( in some countries is not included) and a felt platter mat-all included. The B-Sharp delivers a level of performance commensurate with turntables at a significantly higher price Point. And we are confident that the B-Sharp will bring joy and lasting satisfaction to music aficionados everywhere. Factoring in the new tonearm, the easy-to-use anti-skate and the ready-to-play nature of the B-Sharp, we are confident that this product will become an instant classic.

The B-Sharp sheds all of the non-essential cosmetic adornments of the C-Major without compromising performance or mechanical integrity, providing vinyl enthusiasts with a superb playback option at a more affordable price.

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