06.09.1982 Founding of the company hifisound loudspeaker distribution Saerbeck & Morava OHG in the Jüdefelderstr. 35 in 4400 Münster
1983 Start of remote selling through advertising in technical journals like Funkschau, Elektor etc.
1984 Publication of the first "Loudspeaker Book" from Michael Gaedtke and Raimund Saerbeck, first edition
1984 First direct import of brand marks HARBETH ACOUSTICS with models LF 5 and LF 8 as well as E.J.JORDAN 50 mm module etc.
1985 The hifisound team already consists of 8 employees:
top row : Jörg Hoffmann, Raimund Saerbeck, Dipl. Ing. Karl-Heinz Hofacker, Hans-Jürgen Schelllewald
bottum row: Thomas Schütte, Thomas Kühn, Axel Gersdorff, Heiko Schettler
1985 Publication of the "Loudspeaker Yearbook" 1985
1985 Further direct import produkts from CORAL, Japan - Horn HF and MF , Fullrange and Woofer ,
1986 Purchase of all production parts and copyrights of STRAHTEARN AUDIO, Nord Irland, Mr. Dowling
1986 Test in Hifi Vision STRATEC SYSTEM III Plus Editor: Karl-Heinz Fink
1986 Company expansion to the Jüdefelderstr. 52 mwith large opening celebration, where following persons were present: Michael Brieden, Manfred Zoller, Karl-Heinz Fink, Adrian Bankewitz, Wilfried Stahl, Michael Ryzimbowski, Herr Geukes from Dynaudio, H-D. Pizonka, Uwe Flügel, Michael Arndt, Foundation idee of the technical journal Klang + Ton from Michael Brieden
1986 Gigantic show room in ESSEN with presentation of the brands STRATHEARN AUDIO, HARBETH ACOUSTICS, E.J.JORDAN
1986 Publication of the "Loudspeaker Yearbook" 1986 with personal introduction of book author Michael Gaedtke
1987 USA trip with Ulrich Ranke from ETON Germany. Visit importer of Focal speaker Mr. Kimon Bellas in Los Angeles - Beverly Hills, CES visit in Chicago, visit of Ed Dell publisher of the journal Speaker Builder and Audio Amateur.
1988 Direct import of the english products APOLLO speaker stands and hifi-racks.
1989 Publication of the "Loudspeaker Yearbook" 1989
1989 Bus advertisment in black - never had been until then:
hifisound the hifi-specialist makes it possible.
1990-91 Strathearn Audio GERMAN TOUR with Jürgen Heinzerling. Presentaion of new products to 12 important dealers in Germany
1992 Takeover of the business shares from partner Hüsnü Morava Company name now hifisound Lautsprechervertrieb Raimund Saerbeck
1992 Publication of the "Loudspeaker Yearbook" 1992
1996 Meeting with Ted Jordan on the High End Show in Hotel Kempinski, Gravenbroich
1997 We are reachable online under www.hifisound.de 
First Webaite rapid growing content - Webmaster Reinhard Wachowiak, Berlin
1997 Renovation of the office in the Jüdefelderstr. 52 with product expansion in Hifi-Stereo systems and Dolby Surround components as well as high end ready build speakers.
1997 First integration of an online ordering system into our website.
2003 Publication of a CD-ROM with all information availible on our website www.hifisound.de, including an offline ordering routine.
2005 New, modern and easy to use webshop with over 3500 aricles including shopping cart function as well as credit card payment system via VISA/MC !
2006 PAYPAL payment integration in our Webshop, over a half of million yearly visitors with over 6 million page views.
2007 New service module for warranty reperation and returning of orders, Now it's possible to return shipments using the new functions availible under "MY ACCOUNT"!
2010 New payment system with VISA Verified, Mastercard SecureCode
and Direct ebanking.com
Artikel amount exceeds 5000.
Publication of HARWOOD ACOUSTICS MONITOR AM 13 kit in HOBBY-HIFI 2-2010
2012 Publication of HARWOOD ACOUSTICS MONITOR AM 23 kit in HOBBY-HIFI 2-2014




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2017 35 years hifisound speaker distribution
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35 years the same owner: Raimund Saerbeck

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