Needletwool Felt 1000x1000x10 mm

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Needled Felt 10 mm
Hidden Hightec

Needle felt is manufactured from basic materials such as natural or synthetic fibres. Needle felts are distinguished according to the type of manufacture and application, by their fibre composition and mass per unit area. The production process, as with wool felt, comprises the fibre preparation and mixing, as well as pre-production and fibrous compression. Unlike wool felt, the mechanical strengthening of needle felt occurs through needle punching involving special felt needles and surface structuring. The soft fibre batt is transported into special needle-looms and there penetrated with the felt needles in a high velocity. The felt is formed and orientated through barbs on the working part of the needle. Here the needle felt is produced with the task adapted compression. Needle felts can be particular adapted with the aid of so-called finishes, reinforcement fabrics and coatings to a versatile and economic use.

  • Size: 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Weight: 1850 g/qm
  • Wollastonite: 60 %
capacities of respiration, regulation, compensation, good wearing, insulation, damping, protection, sealing, stripping, surface protection
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