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Intertechnik metal oxide film resistor 4 watts

The PTC element is a protective element that opposes a resistance in the event of an overcurrent. Its positive temperature coefficient causes the internal resistance to increase after the nominal current is exceeded, thus reducing the current and thus providing a fuse for the connected driver. In contrast to normal fuses, the PTC element resets itself when the current has been reduced below the nominal power of the PTC.
Use in the filter also has an effect on the switching current of the PTC element. For example, if the element is used before the high-pass filter, the total current flowing through it is detected. If the PTC element is used behind the high-pass filter, ie directly in front of the tweeter, it detects a smaller current because part of the current is diverted to ground through the parallel coil L1. These measures allow the switching current to be adjusted more precisely. The exact value of the PTC element must then be determined experimentally.

Type: SE 300

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