Beyma 12 P 1000/ND Neodymium

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This model is the result of an extensive and intense research of every single constituent part of an electro-dynamic loudspeaker, rethinking the basics and taking care of every detail, to withstand the extreme power conditions it has been designed to work in. All this investigation is reflected in the new and innovative technologies developed by Beyma and applied in this new transducer.

Key Features:
  • Real 900 W AES power handling
  • Sensitivity: 96 dB @ 2.83V
  • 4" duo technology voice coil
  • Forced air convection circuit for low power compression
  • Extended controlled displacement: Xmax ± 8 mm.
  • Massive mechanical displacement capability: 52 mm p-p
Laminated former combining two different advanced technology materials to enhance the voice coil life.
Voice coil winding coiled over the two faces of the former.
Double insulation paper (inner and outer) for optimum force transmission.
Superficial treatment of the voice coil winding to provide further protection to the voice coil wire.

High stiffness weather resistant paper cone.
Beyma Double Conex Spider technology (D.C.S.): the conex is a fireproof material that insures the preservation of the spider mechanical properties under extreme power
Beyma Mechanical Mirror Suspension System (M.M.S.S.): the diaphragm surround and the double spider have been carefully designed with the assistance of Finite Element calculations in order to match coherently, enabling long and controlled cone displacements.

Low power compression due to the use of a forced convection mechanism.
This design has been optimized with the extensive use of miniature high temperature probes and real-time temperature acquisition systems, together with a thermographic camera to obtain real images of the heat distribution in the voice coil and forced convection effects.

F.E.A. optimized under-pole magnet topology. This geometry maximizes the flux density in the air-gap and completely eliminate the leakage magnetic field, avoiding any possible magnetic interference with other equipment.
High temperature neodymium magnets.

Short data

Usage as Woofer
Power Handling 900 Watt
Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency from 30 Hz
Max. Frequency 2.5 kHz
Sound pressure 96 dB


Overall dimensions 312 mm
Baffle cutout 283 mm
Depth (Total) 131 mm
Front material Aluminium diecast
Frame Material Aluminium diecast
Membrane Type Cone
Membrane Surround Textile
Membrane Material Paper
Voice coil Ø 100 mm
Voice coil height 21 mm
Air gap height 12 mm
Magnet Ø 121 mm
Magnet-weight 4620 g


Resonance fs fs: 47 Hz
Mechanical Q Qms: 7.89
Electrical Q Qes: 0.27
Total Q Qts: 0.26
Equivalent Air-Volumen Vas: 49 Liter
DC-Resistance Re: 5.1 Ohm
Coil Inductance Le: 2 mH
Mech. Compliance Cms: 0.115 mm/N
Moving Mass Mms: 100 g
mech. Resistance Rms: 3.7 kg/s-¹
Max. Excursion +/- Xmax: 8 mm
BL Product Bl: 23.5 N/A
Membrane Area Sd: 550 cm²
Sound pressure dB: 96 SPL
Efficiency Nref: 1.8 %

Frequency, Harmonic Distortion


Technical Dimensions

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