Swans (HiVi-Research) TN-28 Hi-End Tweeter

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Swans (HiVi-Research) TN-28 Hi-End Tweeter

HI-Vi bloc released formally the Hi-Vi Diva series sound box in American Chicago'Hi-Vi 99 exhibition of stereo sets,1995. Introducing Swans TN28-4 loudspeaker Divas which achieved the "Exception Value Award" on CES Las Vegas 2000! In 2000, Hi-Vi Diva sound box acquired the order form of over million dollar from American agents at a blow. Total to say, Diva 2.1 can be said to be a rightness of to place easily, beautiful appearance, manufacture hard, successful Chinese loudspeaker.
- "Minimum diffraction" versatile-mounting design;
- Hand treated fabric dome with rotational symmetry moving behavior;
- Ferro fluid cooled 28mm voice coil;
- Flexible lead out wires;
- Shielded, vented double magnet system with two Neodymium rings;
- Large non-resonant rear acoustic chamber;
- Solid metal case from anodized aluminum.
The absence of a mounting flange on the TN28 allows flexible placement and diverse cabinet design. The TN28 can be placed on top of a cabinet to reduce diffraction effects and align acoustical centers of transducers. It also can be mounted in a hole anywhere on the front baffle in maximum possible vicinity to a bass-midrange driver. The solid aluminum case enclosing the magnet system provides effective cooling.
The special weave of the fabric results in better axial symmetry of the entire moving system.
The tweeter has very smooth on-axis and off-axis frequency response delivering excellent acoustic power dispersion. The TN28 creates an accurate imaging source and is distinguished by exceptionally transparent and balanced sound.
TN28- Hi-Vi electroacoustic technology of crystallize of the decade

Short data

Usage as Tweeter
Power Handling 15 Watt
Impedance 6 Ohm
Frequency from 2000 Hz
Max. Frequency 20 kHz
Sound pressure 90 dB


Voice coil Ø 28 mm


Resonance fs fs: 1300 Hz
DC-Resistance Re: 5.1 Ohm
Sound pressure dB: 90 SPL



Technical drawing

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