Scan Speak 32 W 8878 T01 Revelator, Paper Sandwich

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The 32W/4878T01 the most powerful woofer designed by Scan-speak. Its large 3” voice coil and low resonance frequency is perfect to reproduce low to mid frequencies at with high efficiency. It features a brand new type of paper-sandwich cone with a special foam filling technology (patented) that gives the cone very high stiffness and relative low weight. The motor system has heavy-duty copper sleeves for optimizing eddy currents effect and minimized self-induction.

Key features:
  • Paper sandwich cone with Patented foam filling
  • Spider with balanced woven in tinsel leads
  • 3” Voice coil, Titanium former and paper reinforced
  • Patented Symmetrical Drive motor
  • Long linear excursion (+/- 7.5 mm)
  • Stiff and strong die cast aluminium chassis

Short data

Usage as Woofer
Power Handling 350 Watt
Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency from 30 Hz
Max. Frequency 1 kHz
Sound pressure 89 dB


Overall dimensions 320 mm
Baffle cutout 290.5 mm
Depth (Total) 160.7 mm
Frame Material Aluminium diecast
Voice coil Ø 75 mm
Voice coil height 23 mm
Air gap height 8 mm
Magnet Ø 200.50 mm
Magnet-height 62.20 mm


Resonance fs fs: 19.1 Hz
Mechanical Q Qms: 5.69
Electrical Q Qes: 0.35
Total Q Qts: 0.33
Equivalent Air-Volumen Vas: 234 Liter
DC-Resistance Re: 7.2 Ohm
Coil Inductance Le: 0.68 mH
Mech. Compliance Cms: 0.60 mm/N
Moving Mass Mms: 114.8 g
mech. Resistance Rms: 2.4 kg/s-¹
Max. Excursion +/- Xmax: 7.5 mm
BL Product Bl: 15.6 N/A
Membrane Area Sd: 526 cm²
Sound pressure dB: 89 SPL

Frequency & Impedance

Technical Dimensions

PDF-Product information

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