Klang + Ton Arecibo - Kit without Cabinet

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Klang + Ton Arecibo - Kit without Cabinet

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"Wow. I wouldn't have thought that. What the little box delivers has real high-end qualities. It qualifies as an exquisite search device for even the smallest details in the recording and doesn't sound a bit annoying or harsh . However, if you serve your unpleasantly produced material, then she also makes it clear. A good partner for the Arecibo is a good integrated amplifier of the 50 watt class, preferably one that works with semiconductors. The efficiency is a bit too low for tubes the impedance curve is too wild. When properly fired, the little one shines with a dazzlingly emotional voice reproduction, she can really “get goose bumps”. Percussives sound energetic and realistic, drum cymbals have a surprising amount of energy, only big drums lack a bit of persuasive power at the bottom - should be with the size. "




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