Visaton Aria MHT - Speaker KIT without Cabinet

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Aria MHT - Speaker KIT without Cabinet

ATTENTION: The price refers to 1 piece, minimum order quantity = 2 pieces!

Characteristics and sound properties

The Aria MHT is a variant of the popular smaller ARIA shelf-top speaker. Instead of being fitted with a fabric dome driver, the Aria MHT has the excellent MHT 12 8 Ohm magnetostat. As a result, the crossover had to be tuned exactly to match the two drivers. Since magnetostats should not be separated at too low a frequency, the transfer frequency was set at 5000 Hz. This results in extremely clear high-frequency output even at high volumes. Getting the crossover to the right level to allow the TI 100 8 Ohm to operate up to 5000 Hz took some effort. This high-end mid-bass unit can produce unusually long cone excursion due to its long voice coil, which means it can generate a bass output level that is surprising considering the compact size. Thanks to the extremely rigid titanium diaphragm, the TI 100 8 Ohm stands out in the mid-range due to excellent overall presence and vocal clarity. In conjunction with the silky smooth treble range for which magnetostats are famous, this combination is a clear contender for the premium high-end loudspeaker league. Although the Aria MHT produces powerful bass when used as a shelf speaker, it makes sense to add an active subwoofer if you need to emphasise the lowest frequencies.

Edition 03/2008

" ... With its ARIA MHT, VISATON has blended its flagship tweeter and smaller mid-bass units to produce a highly attractive loudspeaker. (...)
Visaton's magnetostatic tweeter knew exactly how to make a good impression in all respects with its gentle, rounded, totally convincing resolution and clarity. The mid-range stood out particularly due to its clear, precise vocal rendition. It was simply fantastic. (...)
ARIA MHT is (...) a seductive little loudspeaker with an overall sound quality which, at volumes up to medium level, far exceeds the physical size of the unit. ..."


“... From the start, the ARIA speakers make a convincing impression in the mid-range and reproduce voices unusually clearly. In connection with the silky smooth treble produced by the magnetostats, terms like “smooth” and “calming” automatically go through one's mind. What is really remarkable is the volume level achievable: the potential diaphragm excursion of the TI 100 is impressive. Although the ARIA MHT produces powerful bass when used as a shelf speaker, it makes sense to add an active subwoofer if you need to emphasise the lowest frequencies. ...”

  • Rated power: 40 W
  • Maximum power: 60 W
  • Nominal impedance Z: 4 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 65–40.000 Hz
  • Mean sound pressure level: 83 dB (2,83 V/1 m)
  • Cut-off frequency: 5000 Hz
  • Principle of Housing: Bassreflex
  • Net volume: 3,8 l
  • Outer dimension height: 270 mm
  • Outer dimension width: 160 mm
  • Outer dimension depth: 160 mm


Frequency & Impedance


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