Isotek V5 Sigmas 7-fold (3/4) mains filter with Premier 1,5 mtr. C19 connection cable

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Isotek V5 Sigmas 7-fold (3/4) mains filter with Premier 1,5 mtr. C19 connection cable

The Select Series - V5 Sigmas

Both the V5 Aquarius and the V5 Sigmas continue to represent an affordable, highly effective upgrade for high-quality hi-fi and home cinema systems. Both improve the performance of all connected components. It is a complete system upgrade that improves all your Hi-Fi electronics unlike any other product on the market. The V5 Sigmas is a significant advance over its EVO3 predecessor. It now has 7 outputs, three high-current outputs, which use a modified version of the V5 Titan's Direct Coupled© circuit to supply pure power and low impedance to amplifiers, active subwoofers, active speakers or today's televisions. The four remaining outputs are designed for source devices with medium power requirements. Each V5 Sigma outlet has its own dedicated clean power network; So seven filter networks in one box! The V5 Sigmas represents an affordable way to fully upgrade an entire high-end audio system while providing protection against dangerous surges.

  • Suitable for all audio or AV systems
  • Reduces radio interference (RFI) by 80 dB
  • 7 optimized filter networks eliminate common mode and differential mode interference
  • 4 independent outputs for source devices (maximum 10 A each)
  • 3 independent high-current outputs for power amplifiers, active subwoofers, active speakers and TVs etc. (16 A)
  • 121,500A instantaneous short circuit protection
  • Star-shaped ground wiring
  • Internal cabling made of silver-plated oxygen-free Ohno continuously cast copper (OCC), FEP jacket and virtual air dielectric
  • System Link output to expand the existing 6 outputs while maintaining star-shaped ground wiring
  • EVO3 PREMIER power cable included (1.5 m)
  • Available with UK, EU, US, AU & CH connections

The V5 Sigmas is an innovative combination of line filters and power distributors with a width of 445 mm, a depth of 305 mm and a height of 150 mm. Compared to the V5 Aquarius, it offers a significantly more developed and efficient filter network and, compared to its EVO3 predecessor, an improved current strength of over 35% due to lower resistance in the circuit design and a 40% higher current carrying capacity. This significantly improves performance. The new design features improved direct current resistance (DCR), bringing performance closer to the zero ohm ideal. The V5 Sigmas consists of seven filter networks in one box, seven independent sockets, each with its own dedicated network for clean power. These drastically reduce both differential mode and common mode interference. Cross-contamination due to push-pull interference in the connected electronics is also reduced to a minimum thanks to the separate, dedicated filter networks for each output. Most current filters of this type have outputs connected in series - which is not particularly wise, as the push-pull interference generated by the connected electronics is then superimposed from one output socket to the other. The electrical architecture and construction of the V5 Sigma is extremely and significantly superior to such filters.

There are three low impedance, high current outlets rated at 16A, delivering 3,680W at 230V or 1,840W at 115V. These are suitable for all types of power amplifiers, active speakers and subwoofers, including televisions these days, and feature a light version of the Titan's Direct Coupled© circuitry. The four remaining medium current outputs rated at 10A are designed for source components. These feature IsoTek's unique Adaptive Gating © technology, which automatically detects the connected load and thus delivers the ideal, optimal clean power depending on the power consumption. The filter network is significantly superior to that of the V5 Aquarius.

KERP© (Kirchhoff’s Equal Resistance Path) ensures equal resistance and current output at all outputs.

The internal cabling meets the highest standard - high-purity, silver-plated Ohno continuous-cast solid-core copper strands are used, which ensures low resistance and the transmission of high currents. The conductor is first surrounded by a fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) coil, then protected by an extruded FEP dielectric, forming a virtual dielectric of air (VDA). This design provides unmatched performance and an ultimate high performance, low resistance internal power system. A sequential protection system of up to 121,500 A also protects your valuable devices from power surges and voltage peaks.
The V5 Sigmas features a high-quality design and high functionality, it is an excellent upgrade for a complete high-end audio system that improves the soundstage, three-dimensional imaging, bass articulation, bass control and thus for more openness and audibility ensures. IsoTek's award-winning EVO3 Premier power cable is also included.

The internal cabling of the IsoTek products is coordinated with the IsoTek power cables. By maintaining similarities in construction and material properties, optimal conductivity is guaranteed.

Furthermore, on the back of the V5 Sigmas you will find a System Link connection, which allows you to expand the existing 6 outputs while maintaining star-shaped ground wiring when using only one wall socket for the entire system.

  • NUMBER OF OUTPUTS: 7 + System Link
  • OPERATING VOLTAGE: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
  • MAX. POWER AT 230V: x4 (10 A 2,300W total)
  • MAX. POWER AT 115V: x4 (10 A 1,150W total)
  • HIGH CURRENT - 230V: x3 (16 A 3,680W total)
  • HIGH CURRENT - 115V: x3 (16 A 1,840W total)
  • DIMENSIONS (W x H x D): 445 x 150 x 350 mm
  • WEIGHT: 15 kg
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