Supra Cable Trico RCA Digital, Eisblue

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Supra Cable Trico RCA Digital

The Supra Trico true 75 Ohm digital interconnects are designed for numerous digital and analogue transmissions that require a closely matched characteristic impedance with exceptional bandwidth, e.g. between computer and DAC, aerial cable and video transmissions.

Trico have the required high bandwidth to transfer the full digital spectrum with a well controlled signal integrity, display sufficient head room to max performance even for longer transmissions and extremely low capacitance, the most benign characteristic there is for transfering digital square waves.

Features and benefits
  • Silver plated OFC 5N copper leads - exceptional high frequency conductivity
  • PE foam insulation, extremely low capacitance - Instant square wave transient response
  • Double shielded - Immune to surrounding noise fields that will harm signal quality
  • 24K gold plated contacts - corrosion-free surfaces ensuring full conductivity year after year
  • True 75 Ohm - Matches the numerous 75 ohm transmissions standards without signal loss
  • Made in Sweden!
Supra Trico-RCA - Coaxial True 75 Ohm Cable

Supra Trico-RCA is a single-end interconnect with a Supra Trico cable and two (2) Supra PPX RCA contact. Suitable for e.g. CD drive to DAC or AV amplifier.
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