QED Reference XT 40i Bi-Wire Bridge Set

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QED Reference XT 40i Bi-Wire Bridge Set

Almost all loudspeaker manufacturers deliver their boxes with very simple bi-wiring bridges. However, in order to increase this sound a lot, hifisound offers you handmade bridges with which you can get a lot more out of the sound! Consisting of one of our favorite cables, QED Reference XT40i, corresponding QED Airloc ABS banana plugs and QED Airlog ABS cable lugs. You will be amazed what the end result of such a small optimization is in terms of sound from your loudspeakers.

Handmade by hifisound! Suitable for a pair of bi-wiring loudspeakers in a set.

Consisting of:
  • 4x QED Airloc ABS banana plugs
  • 4x QED Airloc ABS cable lugs
  • 4x QED XT40i speaker cables
Total length, per connection, including plugs about 19-22 cm.
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