Dynavox X7000 Hifi Line filter with 6 slotsand Display

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Dynavox X7000 Hifi line filter with 6 slots and display


The Dynavox X7000 is the successor to the successful X6000. It is a HiFi line filter that should not be missing in any high-end system. It filters unwanted interference from the network and thus improves listening pleasure by the small but ultimately essential subtleties. In contrast to the previous model, the X7000 also has a display to show the mains voltage or the power consumed. The display can also be switched off. In addition, the X7000 remembers the last setting (voltage, power or display off) and thus uses the same setting after switching on again. Easy installation, phase marking, stable and durable metal housing and built-in automatic circuit breaker 10 A, phase LED (lights up in the case of incorrect phase position in the supply line), front panel made of brushed aluminum 8mm.


Filtered (filtered cans) / Direct (unfiltered cans) First, the digital end devices (CD / DVD / BR player, streamer, receiver, etc.) should be connected to the filtered cans (Filtered), as these devices can withstand interference in the network react most sensitively. If there are still filtered sockets available after that, there is of course nothing to prevent you from also connecting analog devices (amplifiers, pre- / power amplifiers) here. Otherwise these are connected to the unfiltered sockets. Basically, it is advisable to try out different connection variants in order to exploit the full potential of your setup.


The line filter only detects the correct phase of the mains connection, i.e. the supply line. For the correct phase connection of the devices to the line filter, the junction boxes are marked there with L (phase) and N (neutral conductor). You can find out where the phase is on the respective device in the technical documentation for this device or consult your specialist dealer.

  • Slots: 4 x filtered / 2 x unfiltered
  • Operating voltage: 220 - 240 V 50H
  • Load capacity: 10 A
  • Output power: (230V) 2300W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 430 x 100 x 305 mm
  • Color: black / silver
  • Weight: 6.15 kg
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