Pro-Ject Power Box DS2 Amp Linear Netzteil

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Pro-Ject Power Box DS2 Amp Linear power supply

Computers, lamp dimmers and other electrical villains spread interfering components into the domestic power grid during operation. As a result, the transparency of the music playback suffers, details and dynamics are lost. There seems to be a (gray) veil over the music.
The copper foil shielding around the primary winding of the toroidal transformer reliably shields the devices connected to the power supply from these interfering components from the power grid.
Very elegant: The Pro-Ject Power Box DS2 Amp replaces the power supply units of the connected amplifiers.
Very practical: switching voltage output for remote switching on and off of other devices. The Pro-Ject Power Box DS2 Amp outputs a 12V switching voltage, corresponding to the toggle switch on the front of the device. Connected with switching lines, several devices of the DS2 line can be comfortably switched on and off synchronously with one switching process.
  • For DS2 power amplifiers
  • 1 stereo power amplifier or
  • 2 mono power amplifiers
  • Housing made of brushed aluminum in silver or black
  • Optional sides painted in eucalyptus and walnut, satin finish
  • Recommended for power amplifiers of the DS2 line with 2x 48V / DC power supply
  • Two power supply connections:
  • 2x 48V / DC to supply the amplifiers Pro-Ject Amp Box DS2 and Pro-Ject Amp Box DS2 Mono.
  • Either a stereo power amplifier or two mono power amplifiers can be connected. Other combination, e.g. the connection of a stereo power amplifier and a mono power amplifier is not permitted.
IMPORTANT! Additional devices of the DS2 line can be upgraded with the optional linear power supply Pro-Ject Power Box DS2 Sources.

  • Dimensions W x H x D (with sockets): 206 x 71 x 194 (200) mm
  • W x H device with wooden panels: 240x 72mm
  • Weight: 4,400g
  • Weight device with wooden cheeks: plus approx. 490g (weight depends on the wood selected)

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