Supra Cables LoRad MD06DC-16-EU/SP MK 3.1

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Supra LoRad MD06DC-EU/SP Mk 3.1 – Shielded Mains Block with Transient filter, surge protection and improved DC-Blocker Mk3.1.

Supra LoRad MD mains blocks are designed to shield and filter noise and protect the electronic gear from surges and DC (Direct Current) on the mains power. The NIF-filter (Non-Intrusive Filtering, courtesy of Ben Duncan Research in UK) is a mild RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) filter damping the high frequency noise from all sorts of modern household sources. It is possible to order with custom configuration and have a capacity to suppress noise floor up to 40 dB! DC is a result of the rapidly increasing number of household electrical appliances that load the AC (Alternating Current) mains power asymmetrically, hence introducing a small (0.5 – 3 Volts) but highly malicious DC component. It affects a finely tuned Hifi amplifier power supply transformer, by means of not remaining linear and suffering from a magnetically saturated iron core, hence creating hum, excessive heat and audibly reducing sound quality. Finally it offers a high-end three-way surge protection (SP) which is designed to shunt high voltage peaks/transients from harming your precious Hifi gear. Just glancing at our mains block, maybe one could ask why the luxurious aluminum chassis? Well, there is a technological motive too, besides the lavish looks. Aluminum is a very potent magnetic field insulation, why our mains block as well as adjacent devices is efficiently shielded from both electric, electro-magnetic and magnetic fields, a much wanted property where there is high currents rushing.
The modern household appliances pollutes the mains power as well the air with dense noise. The airborne noise also infect the mains power and all non-shielded devices causing noise in both audio and video circuitry. Further the multimedia systems of today is highly integrated combining computers, game consoles, antennas, broadband internet an Ethernet, numerous data interfaces between devices either power supplied by the mains power directly or indirectly by a switch mode power supply. There is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cell phone, DECT, radio, terrestrial digital TV, LED light, dimmers, etc. devices in such a vast number in each home, that we could without exaggeration conclude our home entertainment gear is under a massive attack driving noise through the internal wiring and through cables infecting each other.

All this noise creates what is defines as a noise floor. The noise floor is how silent your gear possibly is. If you are able to, without playing any source, raise the volume up to max without experiencing any sibilant sound from you speakers, your gear is quite silent. Are you able to approach your speakers, standing close to them without hearing anything, then it is very silent. Congratulations! Usually it means you have spent considerable time and resources silencing. Only in rare occasions Hifi equipment manages to be this quite, not even studios is completely free from the noise floor.

Supra is spending considerable resources on finding the means of silencing the mains, without falling for bothersome philosophies incorporating almost secteristic or religious alternatives, thus instead remaining in the scientific domain and look for innovative, outside-the-box, ideas still incorporating technologically sound reasons for our designs.
Supra’s new MDXX-series Mk3.1

MDXX MkIII is radically improved and the connectors, internal wiring, filters and printed circuit boards are contributing to an even more silent mains power. The MD06DC model, incorporating the DC-blocker is the latest development to allow our customers to further maintain and fully enjoy the original and intended performance of their precious Hifi gear.
Customer benefits in short
  • Noise damping up to 40 dB!
  • Nominally 3,6 Volt DC lift to prevent non-linearity, iron core saturation and heat
  • NIF- and DC-filter works also without protective earth wall socket
  • Plays out from a pitch black background offering all micro dynamics and sound stage
  • Distinct and articulate bass reproduction
  • NIF-filter slope increase for every socket from mains block feed connector
  • Standard filter configuration; first socket un-filtered for MD02-06, two first for MD08 and above
  • Available with custom built NIF-filter
  • Internal wiring of 2.5 mm2 oxygen-free copper leads
  • Support a staggering peak power 36801) Watt @ 230 Volt and 16 Ampere
  • Protect both you and your gear from various alternating fields and your gear from DC
  • Wall mounted or standing on a flat hard surface. Rubber feet and brackets included
  • Supra MD06DC-EU/SP Mk3.1 – Shielded mains block, NIF-, DC-filter och SP Surge Protection
  • Will radiate and pick-up insignificant noise and fields
  • Preserves and increases dynamics
  • LoRad cord sets further reduce noise by 6-12 dB!
  • Custom tailored NIF-filter from Ben Duncan Research in UK
  • SP three-way surge protection rejects close perimeter lightning
  • Schuko EU-sockets.
Shielded aluminum chassis prevents electric, electro-magnetic and magnetic fields
  • To fully preserve and even enhance filter properties and prevent additional fields degrading the filtered mains, make sure you connect the mains block and any Hifi gear with detachable cord using Supra LoRad mains cord with protective earth.
  • NIF- and DC-filter operate without any protective earth present, but filtration may be compromised without proper shielding properties.
  • We strongly recommend using the Supra LoRad cord sets tuned to the Mains Block and connection to protective earth wall socket to benefit from full LoRad concept benefits.
You receive a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase for all of our high quality hifi-products.

If you observe any problem while using the product, you have the possibility to contact our friendly service team.

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