Sumiko Celebration 40 MC Cartridge

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Sumiko Celebration 40 MC Cartridge

In celebration of the music: The Sumiko Celebration 40

The original Celebration pickup was designed by Sumiko as a "celebration of music". The design has seen improvements over the years, but today we have something special to celebrate: On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of our outstanding analogue products, Sumiko is very pleased to introduce the latest evolution of the multi-award winning Pearwood Celebration II - the new Celebration 40! We've retained the proven design elements that ensure maximum rigidity and minimal unwanted resonance: a long-fiber boron cantilever, a machined Teflon backplate, and the same MC generator securely attached to our low-resonance machined aluminum mount. What we're bringing to the table, however, is radically improved sound.

The Celebration 40 now features the same ultra-low-mass 75µm x 2.5µm Microridge needle as our flagship Palo Santos Presentation. The Microridge Diamond is a revelation when it comes to micro detail and spatiality. Like its predecessor, the Celebration 40 is anti-fatigue, allowing you to immerse yourself in listening for hours. The dominant characteristics are rich, smooth and warm, with no analytical tendencies that can get on the ear's nerves. However, clarity is not sacrificed for this sonic character. The Microridge follows the grooves like few others can. It relentlessly maintains the groove and the tracking is impeccable, allowing the music to be played back with total purity. Musicality, emotions, deep and rich bass and sweet mids/highs are what you can expect.

We chose the gorgeous plum wood body for its resonant qualities, which we really appreciate. Like pear tree, it's a flowering tree that we feel best encapsulates the spirit of Celebration design. It gives a feeling of euphoria that invites you in and reminds you of the charm of old tube sets. To ensure accuracy when aligning the pickup, we modified the front of the plum wood cabinet so you can see the entire boom when set up.

To get the most out of your cartridge we ask that you stay within the specified VTF and loading ranges, but we encourage experimentation. Like any audiophile cartridge, you have some control over how Celebration 40 sounds in your system, and we want you to find your own sweet spot. Whatever that sweet spot, we're confident that Celebration 40 has something ear-opening for almost every listener.

  • Output voltage: 0.5mV
  • Amplifier connection/termination: Phono MC/100Ω - 1kΩ
  • Weight: 7g
  • Dynamic needle compliance, lateral: 12μm*
  • Scanning Diamond: MicroRidge (r/R 2.5 x 75μm)
  • Boron cantilever
  • Rosewood case
  • Tracking force: 2g
 * Needle compliance measured at 100Hz
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