Supra Cables XL Annorum Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

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Supra Cables XL Annorum Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

Product description
  • Cross-connection for lowest inductance and maximum freedom from interference
  • Assembled with our CombiCon fittings means maximum flexibility.
  • Bananas and cable lugs included
  • Oxygen-free 5N copper wire wound around a carrier minimizes the skin effect
  • The PP dielectric is chemically neutral and ensures high long-term stability
  • Developed with a Swedish speaker designer for high quality internal wiring
  • Used as internal cabling in many new high-end speakers
  • Designed and made in Sweden!

This very special speaker cable was presented for Supra's 40th anniversary and we are very proud of it. The name is from Roman number XL (-10+50 =40) and the Latin word Anno (for year) are derived and means something like 40 years old. This cable was developed together with a well-known Swedish loudspeaker designer who, among other things, is responsible for the QLN Speakers. The original goal was to create a very high quality cable for direct wiring speakers and crossovers. The result of this development is so outstanding that we decided to turn it into a real speaker cable.

The result was a cable with a square cross-section consisting of 4 conductors each with a cross section of 1.6 sqmm. Each of these conductors consists of 12 individual conductors made of oxygen-free 5N copper, which are wound in a tight lay and in a parallel position around a plastic support. This ensures both the skin effect and the inductance is significantly reduced. By using the acoustically favorable dielectric PP (=polypropylene), which remains mechanically stable over many years and suppresses corrosion effects, we achieve high long-term stability of all of these positive properties.

In terms of quality, the XL ANNORUM is between our QUADRAX
and our ultimate SWORD.
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