Goldring Eroica HX High-Output MC Cartridge

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Goldring Eroica HX High-Output MC Cartridge

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Verdict: "
The Goldring Eroica HX is a fuss-free, detailed, and transparent sounding cartridge that requires rather careful system matching to deliver satisfying long-term results. Installation is not overly complicated and it proved to be a very strong and reliable tracker with even really dirty records.
The neutral tonal balance might be appealing to some, but I found that it performed best with warmer sounding phono sections and amplification that infused it with some necessary color.
The $900 asking price is on the higher side in comparison to less expensive options from Ortofon and Dynavector but it’s very difficult to go wrong with any of them as long you match them up appropriately."

Product description

The Eroica HX is the newest member of the Goldring Moving Coil family of cartridges. As the successor to the multi-award-winning H-model from the Eroica series ("Eroica" means "heroic" in Italian), this high-performance cartridge allows for an easy upgrade from an MM cartridge to a more sonorous MC model. Because the Eroica HX does not require an additional MC phono preamplifier, but can be connected directly to the phono MM input of an amplifier.

The most important features at a glance
  • New pure iron cross armature for low crosstalk and reduced effective mass
  • Ultra-fine, enamelled copper windings for higher performance and correct impedance matching
  • Gyger II diamond stylus capable of sweeping frequencies up to 50kHz without distortion
  • Lightweight Pocan® composite body that produces no sonic coloration
Moving coil playback via Phono MM inputs

Moving coil cartridges usually require a dedicated phono preamp due to their low output voltage. However, the Eroica HX allows record player owners to enjoy the sonic qualities of an MC cartridge without having to convert or expand the existing hi-fi system, because this cartridge can be connected directly to a phono MM input thanks to its higher output voltage .

easy installation

At a price that is comparable to that of a good MM cartridge, the Eroica HX can be added to your existing hi-fi system straight out of the box in just a few simple steps. Simply mount it in place of your old MM cartridge and instantly enjoy increased dynamics, improved stereo imaging and clean, distortion-free high-frequency reproduction without the need for additional equipment or system adjustments.

Higher output voltage

Goldring's technical know-how made it possible to design the Eroica HX with a sufficiently high output voltage that the system can be operated directly from a phono MM input. This was achieved through the use of numerous ultra-fine enameled copper windings so fine they literally float.

Cross anchor made of pure iron

Adopting a new pure iron cross armature also allows the copper windings to utilize the parallel magnetic field, resulting in higher output voltage and proper impedance matching. In addition, the cross design can separate the left and right stereo channels much more effectively than conventional MM cartridges.

Gyger II scanning diamond

The Eroica HX's Gyger II diamond stylus has a tiny scanning range of just five micrometers, which allows it to sample frequencies up to 50 kHz without distortion and, thanks to the low mass of the cross armature, respond to musical transients with absolute precision.

Lightweight but strong Pocan® case

The extremely sensitive scanning mechanism is protected by a particularly light but stable housing made of Pocan® material. In addition to its low weight and rigidity, Pocan® has the advantage of not having any influence on the sound properties of the system.

Compatible with all tonearm designs

The Eroica HX is compatible with virtually all tonearms, whether they are straight, S- or J-shaped, aluminum or carbon fiber. Thanks to its standard size, it can be mounted with standard fasteners from the top or bottom of the headshell.

  • Frequency Response ±3dB: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz - 50kHz
  • Channel equality: within 1 dB @ 1 kHz
  • Channel Separation: Better than 25dB @ 1kHz
  • Output voltage: 2.5mV ± 1dB, 1kHz @ 5cm/s
  • Needle Compliance: 25mm/N
  • Scanning capability: 85 µm (@ 315 Hz)
  • Equivalent needle mass related to the scanning point: 0.4 mg
  • Vertical toe angle: 22°
  • Needle cut: Gyger II
  • Replacement needle: For information on replacement systems, see here
  • Load resistance: 47kΩ
  • Capacitive Load: 100-500pF
  • Coil Inductance: 0.13mH
  • Coil Impedance: 35Ω
  • Weight: 5.2g
  • Weight (including screws): 6.6 g
  • Mounting Screw Spacing: 12.7mm (0.5")
  • Tracking force: 1.5 - 2.0 g (recommended: 1.75 g)
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