Goldring Milty Zerostat 3 Anti Statik Pistol

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Goldring Milty Zerostat 3 Anti Statik Pistol

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Conclusion: "
The Zerostat 3 is not too badly priced for an accessory (ignore the official price tag below, I’ve seen it for sale for around £46, online via Amazon) which should figure in the daily life of your vinyl play experience. Also, if you average out the cost by its decades-length life span, then the price disappears into low, low fractions of a penny per use. Used in conjunction with a record cleaner, the Zerostat 3 will not only provide a more pleasant vinyl listening experience, it will extend the life of your precious records. A good thing, by anyone’s standards."

Product description

Completely effective at neutralising static charges on virtually any surface without the need for sprays. The Zerostat 3 is highly rated for its ability to improve the sound quality of records and CDs by harmlessly removing static. The Zerostat 3 incorporates a unique piezo-electric crystal device which, as demonstrated in the video below, generates a powerful stream of negative ions with one gentle squeeze of the trigger, and an equally large positive stream on release of the trigger. In this way the negative charge, on a vinyl record for instance, is harmlessly swept away.
Constructed from durable hard plastic, it requires no batteries or refills and when used in combination with a Goldring cleaning brush will keep your vinyl collection dust free.
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