Audio Technica AT LH11H Headshell, black NEW!

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Audio Technica AT LH11H Headshell, black NEW!

The AT-LH11H is a universal ½"-mount aluminum headshell that weighs only 11 grams – the lightest in the LH series – allowing it to be used with a wider range of cartridges on more turntables and tonearms than the other models.

With its non-threaded through-holes, the AT-LH11H is ideal for mounting cartridges with threaded mounting holes, such as the AT-OC9X, AT-ART9X, and VM95 Series cartridges. Like all LH models, this headshell has a hard anodized finish that reduces unwanted vibration and comes equipped with OFC (oxygen-free copper) lead wires. It also features an adjustable cylinder that enables precise azimuth and overhang settings. The headshell includes cartridge installation screws, plastic washers, and a hexagonal wrench.
The headshell is also available in 13-gram (AT-LH13H), 15-gram (AT-LH15H) and 18-gram (AT-LH18H) models for optimal compatibility with your cartridge/tonearm requirements.

  • Aluminum 11-gram headshell (lightest in LH series) with hard anodized finish reduces unwanted vibration
  • Optimized to accommodate cartridges with threaded bodies, such as the AT-OC9X Series and VM95 Series
  • Equipped with OFC (oxygen-free copper) lead wires
  • Adjustable cylinder enables precise azimuth and overhang settings
  • Available in four weights (11 g – AT-LH11H, 13 g – AT-LH13H, 15 g – AT-LH15H, and 18 g – AT-LH18H) for optimal compatibility with your cartridge/tonearm requirements
  • Includes: hexagonal wrench, cartridge installation screw (M2.6) (8.0 mm x 2, 10.0 mm x 2), plastic washer (x 2)
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