Thorens TP Tonearm 92 10" with Mini-Din Plug

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Thorens TP Tonearm 92 10" with Mini-Din Plug

THE THORENS® Precision-Tonearm

The TP 92 is a cardanic design that follows the Loefgren geometry. It was developed in parallel with the TD 309 turntable, which allowed our designers to achieve optimal compatibility. The horizontal bearing is a high-precision Japanese ball bearing that uses a specially developed oil. It is located underneath the tonearm tube at the same level as the stylus for enhanced stability. The counterweight, decoupled by two rubber rings, is also exactly level with the stylus.

The tonearm tube is manufactured from high-quality cold-forged aluminium. A laser vibrometer was used to analyse the tube’s resonances, enabling our designers to target specific frequencies.

The headshell is also made from aluminium and tightly coupled to the tube for increased stability. Overhang can be adjusted either by sliding the headshell into the desired position on the tube or by adjusting the entire tube in the bearing block. The tube can also be rotated on its axis in order to adjust azimuth. The shape of the headshell ensures that the pick-up cartridge’s centre of gravity is always directly underneath the tonearm tube, thus preventing torsional vibrations.

VTA can be easily adjusted by loosening the arm collar lock nut and raising or lowering the entire tonearm. The anti-skating force is provided by two ferrite magnets and can be increased or decreased with the help of an adjustment screw.

  • Length: 10"
  • Mounting distance: 237.8mm
  • Effective length: 254mm
  • Overhang: 16.2mm
  • Offset angle: 21.6°
  • Zero crossing inside: 66.0mm
  • Zero passage outside: 120.9mm
  • Effective mass: 14g
  • Max. distortion between zero crossings: 0.38%
  • Geometry: Baerwald/Löfgren “A”
  • Storage: cardan
  • Weight: 415g
  • Cable ends: Mini DIN
  • Mounting hole: 18mm dia
  • Antiskating: Friction-free ferrite magnets

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