Van den Hul MC One Special MC Cartridge

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Van den Hul MC One Special MC Cartridge

A classic hand-made moving coil pickup system with vdH type 1 needle grinding, boron needle carrier, and long crystalline silver wire coils and 0.65mV output voltage with a DC impedance of 12 to 14 ohms.

The MC One Special is a selected variant of the MC-10!

The system has a thicker front pole and extra small magnets. Both measures result in increased resolution and increased output voltage.

  • needle grinding; VDH type 1
  • Output voltage: 0.65mv/channel
  • Needle carrier material: Boron
  • Coil material: silver
  • Housing material: aluminum
  • Break-in time: 50 hours
  • compliance: 28 micron/mN
  • Product family: DDT, MC 10 special, MC Two, Frog, Frog Gold
  • Version: Closed housing
  • Scope of delivery: wooden box with individual product features and product code, headshell spirit level, mounting screws
  • Special feature: Handcrafted – Fair service – Can be repaired even after decades
  • Upgrades: none
  • Sound description: Powerful, dynamic, good spatiality, closed sound, good fine detail
  • Music genre recommendation: All-rounder with recommendation for rock, pop, jazz
  • Tracking force: 1.5g-1.35g
  • Tip: If the cartridge is new (or has been serviced and received a new damper), start with increased tracking force of approx. 1.6g and then reduce this to 1.35g after the break-in process. Since each pickup is custom-made, it is always worth finding the individual setting.
  • Antiskating value: maximum 0.6
  • Testability: 70 – 80 microns
  • Channel separation: >35/>30dB
  • System weight: 8.2g
  • Vertical scanning angle: 22 degrees
  • Rec.eff. Tonearm mass: 8-12 g
  • Connection resistance: 200 ohms
  • Channel imbalance: <0.5dB
  • Coil resistance: 9 ohms +/-10%
  • Frequency response: 5-50,000 Hz
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