Dali Connect M-601 Stand Pair

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Dali Connect M-601 Stand


The DALI CONNECT M-601 speaker stand offers an updated cable management system - optimised for active speakers. Allowing for handling of the often bulgier power cord plugs. Now also the perfect platform for active speakers such as the CALLISTO 2 C or RUBICON 2 C


The M-601 stand is truly an elegant solution. Grounded in a sturdy glass plate that adds gravity, the specially designed extruded stand pole terminates in a painted iron top plate. The 12 mm thick silk matte painted glass plate is designed to add stability and heft to the stand. The adjustable spikes make it easy to level out the stand even in thick carpet. If using the CONNECT Stand M-601 on a wood or tile floor, the included soft rubber bumpers ensure the perfect decoupling.

The extruded aluminium pole contains internal bracing, which adds stability and helps break-up internal standing waves. This makes the entire stand strong, rigid and grounded. Keeping it resonance free and forming the perfect platform for your speaker.

The stand pole also contains a cable management system. The 20 mm entry hole in the centre of the glass plate allows access to the stand pole and a terminating hole right below the top plate. This allows you to fully hide the speaker cable from view.

The total height of the M-601 stand, including spikes, is 615 mm bringing your stand mount speaker perfectly in line with ear height when seated. The stand is available in black and white. Additionally it comes logo free making it perfect for any speaker brand. The DALI logos are included in the box.

Note: The M-601 stand is optimised for use with the RUBICON 2 C and CALLISTO 2 C speakers, as the cable management system is now sized to fit the plug of the standard power cables.


Dimensions With Base (HxWxD) [mm]: 615 x 260 x 320 (incl. spikes)
Accessories Included: Adjustable Spikes / DALI Logo Badge / Anti-slip & Adhesive Pads / Rubber Bumpers
Weight [kg]: 6.0
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