Pro-Ject X1 B Turntable with Pro-ject Pick it S2 MM Cartridge

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Pro-Ject X1 B Turntable with Pro-ject Pick it S2 MM Cartridge

Audiophile upscale turntable
  • Satin acrylic platter
  • 8.6 inch carbon/aluminum tonearm
  • MM cartridge Pro-Ject Pick it S2
  • 33/45 rpm (electronic)
  • 78 rpm (manual)
  • Dust cover included
True high-end features with the license to upgrade

At an attractive price, the X1 B has all the high-end features of a modern turntable to deliver the greatest possible listening pleasure. Its compressed wood fiber chassis provides sufficient mass, resonance inhibition and stability for the best possible mechanical tracking of any record. The turntable made of satin acrylic not only looks good, but also provides the LP with a stable base for accurate scanning at an outstandingly constant speed. This is ensured by the electronic motor control with.

Mechanically, the X1 B corresponds to the X1. A MM pickup Pro-Ject Pick it S2 is mounted ex works. The internal wiring, which is consistently separated according to signal and shielding, and the connection terminal with mini-XLR jack allow later upgrade to a fully balanced connection according to the Pro-Ject True Balanced concept. A suitable cartridge, e.g. an MC model, is required for this.

The X1 B is available in three different color options; the luxurious, black or white eight-panel high-gloss finish and in a premium walnut veneer.

  • Surface of the chassis in piano lacquer black and white. Veneered and satin waxed in walnut
  • Electronic speed selection between 33 and 45 rpm, manual setting option of 78 rpm
  • The chassis made of compressed wood fiber stands on aluminum feet mechanically damped with TPE*.
  • Turntable made of satin acrylic
  • The platter bearing consists of a sintered bronze bushing in which a stainless steel axle of high fitting accuracy runs on a Teflon bearing base
  • Integrated motor control (sine wave generator)
  • Outsourced power supply to protect against mechanical and electromagnetic interference
  • A transparent, hinged Plexiglas dust cover is included
  • Straight 8.6-inch tonearm
  • Supplied with assembled and adjusted Pro-Ject Pick it S2 MM cartridge
  •  Headshell and the tonearm tube are made of one piece of carbon fiber/aluminum composite material
  • The tonearm tube can be twisted after loosening a screw. This allows horizontal (azimuth) adjustment of the cartridge despite the fixed headshell
  • The tonearm base offers an adjustment of the vertical pickup angle (VTA)
  • Four hardened stainless steel tips mounted in sapphire form the inverted tonearm bearings
  • Tonearm cable Pro-Ject Connect it Phono RCA-E (length approx. 123cm) enclosed
  • MM phono input on amplifier or external phono preamplifier
  • An RCA/ RCA jack terminal makes it possible to connect individual phono cables
  • A 5-pin mini-XLR jack allows later upgrade to a True Balanced setup
Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions W x H x D: 415 x 125 x 335mm
  • Weight: 7kg
*TPE: Thermoplastic elastomer with high vibration damping, similar to Sorbothane®.
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