Musical Fidelity A1 Class-A-integratet-Amplifier

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Musical Fidelity A1 Class-A-integratet-Amplifier

The legend. In 2023, MUSICAL FIDELITY is presenting the new edition of the legendary A1, probably the most cited integrated amplifier, whose sonic capabilities cannot be praised enough to this day, in an edition limited to 1985 pieces. In 1985, Antony Michaelson presented the world with an amplifier that remains unique to this day. Unique in its musical capabilities, unique in design and operation. Look forward to a journey with us into the most intimate musical realms.

The MUSICAL FIDELITY A1 is the ideal amplifier for anyone who values ​​its approximately 20 watts of power per channel in Pure Class A more than all the three or even four-digit brochure specifications of other concepts. Loudspeakers with high efficiency in particular, but also special concepts such as the famous BBC Monitor LS3/5A, are at their best with it and many a new A1 friend who has only known its legendary abilities through hearsay will After just a few bars he will have the answer to why he has never been able to delve so deeply into the music before.

Knowing that the perfect HiFi system consists of a harmonious combination of amplifier and loudspeaker, MUSICAL FIDELITY also presents the aforementioned and no less legendary BBC Monitor LS3/5A alongside the A1

The characteristics
  • revolutionary design
  • original circuit by Tim de Paravicini
  • Pure Class A reinforcement
  • Switchable preamplifier
  • MM and MC capable phono preamplifier
  • audiophile equipment, remote-controlled volumeRevolutionäres Design
The A1 has always been adored not only by sound connoisseurs but also and especially by graphic artists, designers and architects. The A1's iconic design therefore gives it a desirable aura even when switched off.

MUSICAL FIDELITY remains consistently true to this line and makes an irresistible offer to everyone who missed the forefather at the time. With the same proportions, the new A1 is a little larger to better dissipate the heat from its circuitry. The only concession to modern times is the blue lighting of the controls - so any MUSICAL FIDELITY device can be stylishly combined with the A1. The elegant remote control for the volume and a MUTE button complete the distinctive appearance of the MUSICAL FIDELITY A1.

Circuit by Tim de Paravicini

Antony Michaelson recognized early on a gap in the market for an outstandingly good-sounding amplifier with sensible characteristics. He was able to get Tim de Paravicini excited about his idea and together they got to work. The extraordinary sound capabilities of the amplifier circuits of the brilliant Tim de Paravicini, who unfortunately left us far too early in 2020, enjoy a reputation like thunder among connoisseurs.

He rarely strives for impressive performance figures or measured values, but knows full well that the first watt is the most important. With this one watt you can enjoy music over 90% of the time, depending on the speaker connected.

The circuitry of the A1 accurately ensures that nothing hinders the musical flow in the lower power range. If you want to design a transistor amplifier that always keeps this point in mind, you can't ignore the classic Class A circuit.

This allows the maximum quiescent current to constantly flow through the transistors. Whatever power is not “used” in the loudspeaker is converted into heat. So the louder you listen with a Class A amplifier, the colder it gets.

Simon Quarry, who has been responsible for audio design at MUSICAL FIDELITY for almost three decades, left the original circuit absolutely untouched and therefore also uses the legendary TL071 JFET transistors from Texas Instruments in the new A1. Only a few components had to be replaced with newer types due to current availability.

He also paid attention to the components that had to pay their tribute in the classic A1 after years of heat radiation. He replaced these with higher quality and heat-encapsulated types, namely the volume potentiometer from the RK series from Alps or the input selector switch. Nice side effect: The new A1 now has one more connection than its ancestor.

Depending on the nominal impedance of your speaker, the A1 can output up to 20 watts in Pure Class A. Even more impressive is its power delivery capability of up to 25 amps. A DC filter at the output and a relay-controlled switch-on delay circuit protect your valuable speakers.

The preamplifier

The NORMAL/DIRECT switch now takes the place of the previous TAPE MONITOR switch. New in the A1 is the ability to switch on the preamplifier or remove it from the signal path.

This amplifier stage, which is also designed in Pure Class A, amplifies the incoming signal by 10 dB before the volume control. This allows for a wide range of possibilities. First, depending on the efficiency of the connected speaker, the volume control can be set to a comfortable range.

At the same time, the A1 also shows very clearly what a preamplifier is capable of in a high-quality music system. Many purists swear by designs with only a passive volume control, which otherwise directs the source signal untouched to the final amplifier. The power and intensity that comes into the setup through a preamplifier can probably no longer be more easily and conveniently understood than with the NORMAL/DIRECT switch.

Don't be fooled by the initially obvious jump in volume of 10dB.

With the volume adjusted, but without a preamplifier switched on, the A1 exudes a no less fascinating performance with great lightness and springy accuracy. Which functionality you prefer can ultimately depend entirely on the music you want to play.

The phono preamplifier

Many music lovers cannot and do not want to do without records as a source. The A1 offers connection options even for the most ambitious turntables. Its phono input is switchable on the back of the device and can pre-amplify signals from both MM and MC cartridges.

The fully discrete phono preamplification, built with classic components, sounds sensational and impresses with excellent measured values ​​with an RIAA accuracy of better than ± 1dB. Compared to the original circuit, the current-to-voltage conversion in particular has been optimized.

Even a seemingly narrow setup consisting of just an excellent turntable, the A1, and exquisite speakers promises the highest level of analog music enjoyment.Die Stromversorgung

The “dual-mono-split-rail” windings of the main transformer ensure the implementation of the consistent double-mono structure and the best channel separation right from the very front of the main power supply. A guarantee for a truly opulent stereo panorama and the perfect spatial representation of the music.

The significantly increased supply capacity of the power amplifier compared to the classic A1 means that it does not lose its calm even in dense or tumultuous musical passages. A Π filter in front of the power supply reduces switch-on peaks and thus protects the high-quality components of the audio circuit.

Audiophile equipment

The A1 has everything you need to enjoy your music perfectly. Not more but also not less. A metal remote control for the volume and mute switch, 5 high-level inputs, a formidable phono branch and connection for a pair of speakers. No digital circuits or screen connections distract from the deep musical enjoyment or even disturb the audio circuit, which is committed to only one thing: music in its most beautiful form.

The sound

Music, music and music. As simple as it sounds. The A1 simply makes music. If you already own an opulent music system, do it like Mr. Reichmann: install an A1 with an LS3/5A as a loudspeaker in a second, small room. You may be like him and find yourself enjoying really deep music here more often than over there in front of the big system.

A concept that has been pushed so far beyond the usual level of uncompromising benefits naturally benefits even more if the loudspeaker is of really high quality. Our recommendation for smaller to medium-sized rooms is therefore the equally legendary BBC monitor LS3/5A, which is built parallel to the A1 by MUSICAL FIDELITY. A dream duo!


  • Power: 25 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms
  • Voltage: 42.5 Volts peak to peak
  • Current: 25 Amps peak to peak
  • Damping Factor: 150
  • Gain (volume max): 32dB (Direct Mode), 42dB (Normal Mode)
  • Output devices: 2 per channel
  • Signal / noise ratio: 82dB
  • Channel separation: 85dB
  • Frequency response: + 0, –1dB, 10Hz to 40 kHz
  • Line level sensitivity: 300mV rms nominal, 8V rms max
  • Line level inputs impedance: 25k Ohms
  • Tape Out impedance: 220 Ohms
  • Pre Out impedance: 100 Ohms
Phono Preamp
  • Phono RIAA response: +/- 1dB
  • MM sensitivity: 5mV nominal
  • MM capacitance / impedance / gain: 100pF / 50k Ohms / 40dB
  • MM signal / noise ratio: 75dB
  • MC sensitivity: 450μV nominal
  • MC impedance / gain: 1k Ohm / 60dB
  • MC signal / noise ratio: 70dB
  • 1x phono RCA MM/MC, 5x line RCA
  • 1 x line level RCA fix TAPE OUT
  • 1 x line level RCA var PRE OUT
  • 1 x 4mm banana/binding posts SPEAKER OUT
General Information
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 440 x 68.3 x 283.3 mm
  • Main voltages: 230V/115V Internally set or 100V optional
  • Max. Consumption: 130W, 0W in standby (=Power Switch OFF)
  • Weight: 10.5kg

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