Preamplifier: uncompromising sound quality thanks to processed signals

Modern hifi preamplifiers give you the option of incredibly precise sound reproduction. The high-end devices prepare input signals from different sources for the power amplifier so that it can fully develop its potential. Extremely fast signal processors and innovative digital technology also enable comprehensive sound management. Whether high-level preamplifier, MM/MC phono preamplifier, headphone amplifier or hi-fi network preamplifier with streaming function - at hifisound you can expect a wide selection of preamplifiers from well-known manufacturers from AVM, Atoll, Auralic, Cocktail Audio, NAD, Pro-Ject and many others for special requirements.
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Hifi preamplifier: audiophile functional talents with many connection options

An audio system is only as good as its weakest link in the chain. The preamplifier acts as a link between the source device and the power amplifier. Separation into preamp and output stage is essential when many signals come together. The preamplifier has the task of optimally adjusting the impedance and the output levels. Noise is even further eliminated if the high-end devices have an XLR input and output. This connection, also known as a symmetrical connection, guarantees reliable reproduction that is accurate down to the finest nuances and which also leads to improved stage imaging.

This turns the preamplifier into an individually controllable sound and control center that impresses with an incredible range of functions. While the market was dominated by pure transistor preamplifiers for a long time, not only retro fans but also sound enthusiasts from the high-end scene are now increasingly turning to devices with tubes in the preamplifier. With AVM, this significantly improves the sound of pure transistor technology in terms of warmth and harmony. It may be the sound of the original and the incomparably round, warm sound timbre that give the smoldering tubes a new comeback.

Hifi preamplifiers: digital all-rounders are conquering the scene

With the current generation of hifi preamplifiers, a completely new category of audio processing devices is finding its way into manufacturers' portfolios. The network and streaming-capable components function as a DA converter, using up to two high-quality DACs per channel. In addition, most of the innovative multifunctional talents combine web radio, a streaming client and an analog preamplifier with high-level line inputs and headphone amplifier in just one housing - perfect for audiophiles who primarily rely on digital music playback.

Integrated into the intelligent home network via WLAN or LAN, the clever sound talents become a convenient control center for your home. Extensive menu functions such as adjustable digital filters and adjustable input sensitivity make these components from NAD, for example, versatile guarantees for every music enthusiast. Many devices can also be updated and allow flexible expansion options. This means you are well prepared for the digital future!