Sumiko Paolo Santos Presentation Low-Output MC Cardridge

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Sumiko Paolo Santos Presentation Low-Output MC Cardridge

The crown of Sumiko creation

With its truly magical sound, the Sumiko Palo Santos Presentation is nothing other than the (so far!) pinnacle of the work of the traditional Japanese manufacturer.

A "reference" cartridge strives to reproduce that extra bit of musical information that makes music come alive. Subtleties such as the snapping of the mallet and hitting the head of a bass drum, the attack and the rustling of the snare, the fingers on the fretboard and the voice reproduction are just a few of the attributes that a high-end pickup should read out of the groove and reproduce. Beyond mere reproduction, it must offer a highly refined "presentation" across the frequency spectrum with a keen sense of nuance that clearly outperforms the performance of cheaper MCs.

Sumiko's Reference Palo Santos Presentation is a high-end marvel that plays at the level of more luxurious moving coil designs and is ready to bring that magic to your system. Sumiko selected the beautifully handcrafted Brazilian rosewood cabinet for its resonant qualities - the homogeneity and warmth it imparts to a sophisticated, crystal-clear soundstage teeming with micro-detail. The ultra-stable, long-fiber boron cantilever and the micro-ridge diamond with Line Contact cut ensure excellent tracking and extremely fine groove guidance. Anchored in a rigorously machined aluminum cradle and encased in a machined Teflon backplate, maximum rigidity and resonance control are achieved around the generator. This allows the pickup's voice to sing unhindered by unwanted discoloration and annoying resonances, resulting in an incomparably honest reproduction.

The bass is inviting, present and yet not dominant. Lush yet structured, it emerges from an absolutely black background and is impeccably defined. The mids are free from clutter and confusion. The instruments and their nuances are vividly tangible and retain their natural warmth. The highs are enchantingly airy and wonderfully expansive with a sparkle that promises to intrigue. You can feel the emotion in the dynamic shifts, and the music effortlessly fades back into the background with charming decay. The result is an incredibly natural and realistic representation, multi-dimensional and yet precise.

Technology for good sound

The Palo Santos pickup system has an improved anchoring system for the generator, which significantly improves rigidity and virtually eliminates resonances and therefore background noise. The boron cantilever with its particularly long "fibers" and the micro-ridge-cut diamond ensure better detail resolution without the warmth of the sound image or the musicality of the reproduction suffering as a result.

The Sumiko Palo Santos Presentation is suitable for heavy tonearms.

  • Output voltage: 0.5mV
  • Amplifier connection/termination: Phono MC/100Ω - 1kΩ
  • Weight: 8.3g
  • Dynamic needle compliance, lateral: 8μm*
  • Scanning Diamond: MicroRidge (r/R 2.5 x 75μm)
  • Boron cantilever
  • Rosewood case
  • Tracking force: 2g
 * Needle compliance measured at 100Hz
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