Musical Fidelity M6XDAC, Digital-Audio-Converter

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Musical Fidelity M6XDAC, Digital-Audio-Converter

M6xiDAC – Overview

The M6xiDAC is another milestone in MUSICAL FIDELITY's long line of groundbreaking digital/analog converters. Its predecessor, the M6siDAC, was one of the first D/A converters to use the legendary and internationally award-winning ESS 32-bit HyperStream II DAC architecture.

It was praised by the international trade press as, among other things, the best digital/analog converter in the world. The M6sRiDAC model simplified the use of DSD and was the first D/A converter from MUSICAL FIDELITY to have certified full Roon functionality.

The new M6xiDAC now continues this path consistently. New converter modules that are used twice and therefore channel-separated, as well as a completely new operating concept that gives you previously unimagined possibilities, make the M6xiDAC one of the most ambitious digital/analog converters of our time. Experience your digital sources in a completely new way and discover how musical digital music can sound.

And now also award-winning! The EISA Association has chosen the MUSICAL FIDELITY M6xiDAC as the best device in the “Digital to Analogue Converter” category!

M6xiDAC – Features
  • 5 digital inputs
  • 2x optical Toslink
  • 1x electrical S/P diff
  • 1x AES/EBU
  • 1x USB B
  • fully symmetrical signal processing
  • Channel-separated digital-to-analog conversion
  • High resolution up to 32 bit / 768 kHz or DSD 512
  • Roon tested
  • MQA decoding
  • balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) analog outputs
  • Preamplifier function switchable
  • Headphone amplifier
  • 8 digital filters switchable
  • Upsampling can be switched on/off
  • elegant and solid case
M6xiDAC – the digital/analog converter

The excellent experience with the Saber ESS circuits led the engineers at MUSICAL FIDELITY to use the brand new ES9038Q2M ICs. The M6xiDAC uses two of these in dual differential mode. This enables a flawless dual-mono design - i.e. 100% channel separation on the digital side. With the inclusion of a time domain jitter eliminator, this leads to previously unknown measurement results in terms of both time accuracy and dynamic precision and low distortion. An example of this is the channel separation of over 130 dB at full level.

For MUSICAL FIDELITY, reclocking and upsampling the incoming digital signals was always the best way to achieve excellent sound results. This is especially true in view of the fact that many digital signal suppliers do not always deliver a 100% perfect signal - be it TV, mini-disc or other sources that are not optimized for the highest sound quality. Recently, however, there have been noticeable improvements on the digital sources side in terms of the signal quality delivered.

M6xiDAC – the digital/analog converter

The M6xiDAC now offers the option of specifically using the reclocking and extrapolation of the data using the 8 built-in filter settings. This means you can freely decide for each source and configure the digital/analog conversion according to your wishes.

Digital filter

The M6xiDAC enables detailed tuning of the audio experience. It is equipped with several preset reconstruction filters. This adaptability of the M6xiDAC makes it a powerful tool for music lovers who want to rediscover their music collection.

Choose between the different digital filters and adapt the playback to your sound preferences or your HiFi setup. This means the M6xiDAC can be used like a professional tool for the experienced user. You can find a list and explanation of the digital filters on the next page.

Digital filter
  • Filter 1: Linear phase fast roll off - The most common filter with clean overall filtering. Ideally suited for high-frequency music.
  • Filter 2: Linear phase slow roll off - Low group delay - and symmetrical input response. Less distortion and more powerful bass than Filter 1.
  • Filter 3: Minimum phase fast roll off - Minimum pre-oscillation. Optimal for spatial depth of the sound. No aliasing in the frequency range. Stronger bass than linear phase filters, clean highs.
  • Filter 4: Minimum phase slow roll off - Non-symmetrical filter designed to minimize pre-oscillation. Strong, powerful bass with good transient response.
  • Filter 5: Apodizing fast roll off - A version of the linear phase fast roll off filter optimized to minimize pre-oscillation.
  • Filter 6: Hybrid fast roll off - A combination of linear phase and minimal phase. Fast transient response, strong, powerful bass, crisp highs.
  • Filter 7: Brick wall - One of the earliest designs intended for the highest possible filtering with high signal delay and pre-ringing. Linear phase, clear, clean highs.
  • Filter 8: Oversampling bypass - The oversampling FIR filter used for the 7 presets above is bypassed and the source data is upsampled to 352.8 kHz/384 kHz.
The 16-core XMOS and CPLD MAX II Altera processors ensure that there is always enough computing capacity for all converter operations, digital filters and MQA processing. The USB Class 2.0 input accepts PCM sampling rates of up to 768 kHz and 32 bit. DSD support goes up to DSD256 via DoP and natively up to DSD512. The S/PDIF inputs accept stereo PCM sample rates up to 192 kHz / 24 bit with full MQA support!

M6xiDAC – The board layout

Digital-to-analog converters present their own design challenges compared to analog amplifiers. Digital and analog circuits each have their own electronic requirements. MUSICAL FIDELITY has always taken this into account with a clever board layout - without vanity for an eye-catching board design just for the sake of appearance. Design and layout are tailored specifically for each application. Equal attention is paid to excellent measured values ​​and sound aspects.

M6xiDAC – The outputs

On the output side, the M6xiDAC makes contact with the following devices via Cinch/RCA and XLR. The output stages for the balanced and asymmetrical outputs of the M6xiDAC are buffered separately, which also allows both types of connection to be connected at the same time. Both output stages have outstanding audio quality with minimal noise and, if required by the signal, high output voltage and current delivery capability. The excellent gain bandwidth and the very fast slew rate result in distortions at the limit of measurability. The output amplification is generously dimensioned and can easily drive even longer cables thanks to its low output impedance.

M6xiDAC – The preamplifier

The outputs can output both a fixed level and a volume-controlled preamplifier signal. You can choose this with one touch of a button. In addition to classic stereo systems, active speakers or power amplifiers can also be connected directly.

M6xiDAC – The power supply

The M6xiDAC presents MUSICAL FIDELITY's latest development in powering audio circuits: the Super Silent Power Transformer. The current at the mains input is prepared for its audiophile task with an EMI filter and a DC blocker. This prevents interference and eliminates transformer hum in a highly effective way at the mains input. The encapsulated toroidal transformer with low core saturation is optimized for highly demanding audio applications and is perfect for digital audio due to extremely low electromagnetic radiation.

M6xiDAC – The headphone amplifier

The built-in headphone amplifier is of particular technical and sound quality. It allows you to enjoy the outstanding qualities of the M6xiDAC directly and without detours with your headphones. This means that special setups in which loudspeakers are not provided can be implemented without any additional devices. The very high output power drives every headphone to its maximum possible performance. The built-in headphone amplifier's current feedback AB architecture operates with high bandwidth, ultra-low noise and a dynamic range of up to 128 dB. The high current delivery capacity typical of MUSICAL FIDELITY prevents the headphone membrane from living on its own and thus reduces even and odd order distortions. At the same time, it allows the amplifier to respond quickly and linearly - even if large amounts of output power are suddenly required.

This specifically eliminates any background noise in the circuit and dramatically improves the signal-to-noise ratio. The power-independent frequency response allows you to use the amplifier's full bandwidth at any volume setting.

M6xiDAC – The housing

The mechanical construction is, as you would expect from MUSICAL FIDELITY, uncompromisingly rigid and solid - while at the same time timeless elegance. All components and materials are of selected quality. The front panel is made of 10 mm thick aluminum and is milled from the solid material.

The M6xiDAC doesn't just make an indestructible impression on the outside. The proven construction, which aesthetically fits seamlessly into the MUSICAL FIDELITY device series, protects its interior from electromagnetic fields. The lack of a large display on the front panel reinforces this effect, as the cutout required would only be a gateway for such disruptions. The connections are of exquisite quality and offer the best contact reliability both mechanically and electrically.

M6xiDAC – The sound

MUSICAL FIDELITY: for the sake of music!

After looking at the technical aspects of the M6xiDAC, let's focus on what's important: the musical experience. All constructive details, with groundbreaking technical parameters, have only one goal: a sound quality full of grace, effortlessness and transparency. With all of these means, the M6xiDAC gives you a tangible sense of the recording location. The musicians are transported into your living room holographically and with a noticeable presence. Music purists who want to feel the hypnotic feeling of communication between audience and artist will love this

M6xiDAC found what you were looking for – the search is over. Thanks to the diverse setting options for the digital filters, reclocking and upsampling, you have the opportunity to adapt the sound qualities of the M6xiDAC to your specific wishes - a powerful musical tool. Discover your favorite music in a completely new way and explore whether the various setting parameters might draw you even deeper into the musical events. Trust in the decades of experience of MUSICAL FIDELITY and experience power, dynamics and the highest musicality.

  • DAC circuit: 32 bit Hyperstream II
  • D/A converter: 2x ES9038Q2M (dual differential)
  • jitters; total: <12 picoseconds peak to peak
  • Linearity: < ± 0.4 dB down to -130 dB
  • Frequency response: -0.1 dB at 10 Hz; 0dB at 1kHz; -0.4dB at 20kHz
  • Channel separation: > 130 dB at 10 kHz @ 0 dBFS
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: >120 dB/A at 1 kHz @ 0 dBFS
  • THD (distortion): < 0.0005% at 1 kHz @ 0 dBFS
  • Output level (digital 0dB): RCA output 2.2V RMS; XLR output 4.4V RMS
  • Output impedance: 47 ohms
  • digital inputs:
  • 1x coax / S/P diff
  • (up to 24bit 192kHz - stereo PCM + MQA)
  • 2x Optical / Toslink
  • (up to 24bit 192kHz - stereo PCM + MQA)
  • 1x AES/EBU
  • (up to 24bit 192kHz - stereo PCM + MQA)
  • 1x USB Audio Class 2.0, ‘USB B’
  • up to 32bit 768kHz - stereo PCM + MQA)
  • DSD 256 (stereo DoP), DSD512 (stereo native)
  • analog outputs:
  • 1 pair of RCA / Cinch asymmetrical
  • Fixed level / preamplifier output switchable
  • Output level up to 2V RMS at 0 dBFS
  • 1 pair of XLR balanced
  • Fixed level / preamplifier output switchable
  • Output level up to 4V RMS at 0 dBFS
  • 1x 6.3 mm jack (headphone variable)

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