WiiM Mini High-Res-Streamer with Bluetooth, Airplay2 and Alexa

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WiiM Mini High-Res-Streamer with Bluetooth, Airplay2 and Alexa

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"The Wiim Mini isn't quite perfect, but few or no other streamers are either, especially in this segment. But the list of shortcomings is short, and is mostly limited to shortcomings that are also common among competitors. When playing via the optical digital output, the Wiim Mini delivers a bit-perfect signal with a maximum resolution that can be configured up to 24 bit 192 kHz, and it delivers gapless playback no matter what it streams and from all streaming services available in Norway. This feels as good as what you can get digitally from a Bluesound Node 2i. Add a good and well-developed app, which is constantly being improved. And when you can also send a signal via bluetooth, or from Roon, the analogue output becomes a pure bonus that most people may choose not to use."


  • Universal high-res audio streamer
  • Super easy setup
  • AirPlay 2, Alexa, Spotify & Tidal Connect and more
  • Multiroom with AirPlay 2 or Alexa
  • Siri and Alexa are included
High-res streaming for everyone! The best mini streamer

The WiiM Mini is super easy to set up and supports high-res audio streaming over WiFi. It allows you to play content via Apple Airplay 2 and Spotify/TIDAL Connect and can be grouped with other Airplay 2 or Alexa devices to enable wireless multi-room audio. It supports popular music services via its easy-to-use app and also has an analog audio input so you can connect your audio device and listen on multiple devices.

Stream Hi-Res audio at up to 192kHz/24bit.

The WiiM Mini supports audio output up to 192 kHz and 24 bit. The integrated TI stereo DAC offers high-quality analog audio output with 106 dB SNR, dynamic range and -92 dB THD+N performance.

AirPlay 2, Alexa and Siri are included

The WiiM Mini can be voice controlled with Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri when connected to a voice-enabled device (such as the Echo, iPhone or Homepod etc.) via Wi-Fi. Of course, the WiiM Mini supports Airplay2, so you can group it with other Airplay2 devices. You can also group them with other Alexa-enabled devices (e.g. Echo) via the Alexa app. You can also group multiple devices in the WiiM Home app to easily create a whole-house wireless sound system.

Strong computing power for the best sound

The WiiM Mini supports automatic calculation of its audio latency via the built-in microphone so that it can play in sync with other Apple Airplay 2 speakers. You can even change the EQ settings in the WiIM Home app for a better listening experience.

  • Inputs: WiFi, Bluetooth, 3.5mm line-in
  • Outputs: S/PDIF digital out (Opt.), 3.5mm headphone output
  • Audio Codecs: MP3, AAC, ALAC, APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, OGG
  • Wi-Fi: Dual band Wi-Fi, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz and 5GHz network
  • Bluetooth 5.0, SBC and AAC codec, BT receiver and transmitter (with SW update)
  • Powered via USB-C
  • App control
  • Multiroom
  • Technical data
  • Dimensions: 69 × 69 × 24mm
  • Weight: 40g
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