Musical Fidelity MX-Vinyl, Phono-Stage MM/MC

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Musical Fidelity MX-Vinyl, Phono-Stage MM/MC

MX-VYNL – Overview

The MUSICAL FIDELITY MX-VYNL (pronounced [va ɛl]) is a fully balanced phono equalizer preamplifier for both MM and MC cartridge systems. It represents what is currently technically feasible, not just in its price range but far beyond. The list of features is almost frighteningly long for a phono stage and the MX-VYNL is almost the only phono preamplifier that even offers symmetrical operation at the input.

MX-VYNL – Technical background

The MX-VYNL offers two different gain levels for both gain types (MM & MC). Depending on the environment in your hi-fi system, this can be used to compensate for any significant differences in volume compared to other sources. This also makes it easier to react to the different output voltages of different pickups.

The RIAA / IEC switch allows the most extreme low bass to be slightly lowered in the gain. This is particularly useful as a rumble filter (subsonic filter) and is particularly interesting for owners of sub-chassis turntables.

MX-VYNL – Technical background

You can optimally complete your pickup with the selector control on the right side. Experience shows that the internationally accepted standard values ​​(MM 47 kOhm / 100pF; MC 100 Ohm) do not always lead to optimal results. The MX-VYNL opens up the possibility of driving every pickup to its highest performance. Unlike many competing products, the MX-VYNL allows you to easily adjust these settings while playing to find the optimal setting.

But the real highlight of the MX-VYNL is on the back - the balanced input. A short digression: The signal from a pickup is basically the only truly fully symmetrical signal in the entire hi-fi world, in which two mirroring voltages are actually generated per channel. What a sacrilege, as is usual, to simply connect half of these signal components to ground - of all things for the most sensitive signal in the entire system.

The MX-VYNL now puts an end to this. The pickup can be connected fully symmetrically to the input on the far left. Thanks to the fully symmetrical signal processing in the MX-VYNL, not the slightest bit of the signal is lost. We would be happy to offer you appropriately configured cables.

The consistent use of SMD technology in the circuit board layout significantly reduces the size of a circuit board and allows the developer significantly greater flexibility in circuit design. This means that all circuits can be designed with significantly less distortion and noise. This results in almost breathtaking measurements.

MX-VYNL – Technical background

The extremely stable connections allow the use of any cable quality and the high performance of the output stages mean that longer cable routes can also be easily operated. All of this comes together in a beautiful full metal housing that is both perfectly crafted and offers the optimal environment for the technical circuitry. Of course, the great effort is only worth it if the music comes into its own in the end. The trade press is full of praise. This is what the trade magazine Fidelity writes:
“I'm not exaggerating when I say that I already had an external inexpensive phono stage that enticed me to listen to music as much as the MX-VYNL. Not only is it worth every cent, it is not only a veritable all-rounder, but it is also a gift to the vinyl lovers of the world. - The MX-VYNL has a seventh sense of rhythm.” HiFi & Records concludes: “A recommendation without any hesitations.”

Or the analogue magazine LP: “Colourful, lively, tra spare t – MUSICAL FIDELITY's MX-VYNL sounds excellent given the reasonable price tag. There is comparable equipment in this class somewhere. The new highlight under the affordable phono stage!” The new vinyl lifestyle magazine Mint says: “Every day it impresses anew with its mix of high resolution and naturalness, which makes cartridge comparisons fun – or simply helps you get the most out of your record collection – An impressive mix of resolution and naturalness!”

The classic hi-fi magazines are also enthusiastic. Stereo writes: “Particularly noteworthy are the dynamics, joy of playing and splendor of color, which make the MX VYNL stand out from the wealth of the range on offer. The way he reveals dense and complex rhythmic structures is a rarity even in much more ambitious price ranges.”

And finally stereoplay: “…plays as if there were no tomorrow: super dynamic and with almost exuberant 3D representation, flowing harmoniously and brightly colored. Technically and sonically an exceptional phono preamplifier that performs well above its price.”

  • Output voltage: 4 volts RMS RCA, 8 volts RMS XLR
  • Frequency linearity: RIAA ± 01, dB / IEC ± 0.1 dB
  • MM
  • Channel separation: < -86 dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: <-101 dB
  • THD at 1kHz: <0.007%
  • Input sensitivity: 5mV/2.5mV selectable
  • 70 mV max. (23 dB reserve)
  • selectable closing capacities: 50, 100, 200, 300, 400
  • in pF
  • MC
  • Channel separation: < -83 dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: <-98 dB
  • THD at 1kHz: <0.01%
  • Input sensitivity: 0.8mV/0.4mV selectable
  • 12 mV max. (24 dB reserve)
  • Selectable terminating resistors: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1K2, 47k
  • in ohms
  • Inputs: Balanced Mini-XLR or ; 1 pair of RCA/Cinch sockets
  • Grounding: 4mm banana/cable lug/bare
  • Outputs: 1 pair of XLR balanced. ; 1 pair of RCA/Cinch sockets
  • Power supply: 12V / 500mA DC (power supply included)
  • Power consumption: < 0.25 watts standby, 8 watts max.
  • Dimensions W x H x D (mm): 220 x 53 x 215 (including connections)
  • Weight: 1.9 kg (2.4 kg gross)
  • Finishes: Silver or Black

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