Esoteric Audio Devices E130 - Aluminium Woofer (last piece)

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Aluminum woofer

Nothing is so good that it cant be improved! E130 has gone through a second face lift. Most noticable is the new taylored aluminum chassis.

Then we added a new rim, spider, motor and a new stronger glue. This gave us a design that can take a lot of abuse with a more linear behaviour. The new motor now gives us an 89dB sensitivity, and a range from 35Hz up to around 19Khz, making it almost a full range 6.5 bass unit which can be easily combined with a number of tweeters in a 2-way system, or even used as a single unit, (but a 2 way system is recommended). In combination with our new E60, you get numerous crossover options from 120 to 2,5Khz. Why not try a linear array of 4, 9 or even 16x E60 units for example?

We kept the dual coil and made Qt lower (0.46 in 8Ohm).

For the advanced designer the dual coil gives a number of options, firstly by connecting the two coils in single, series or parallel mode (16,8 or 32 Ohm), but then also when connecting multiple drivers from 2 to endless linear arrays. By shorting one coil with a resistor for example, you can also get even more options, controlling the Q. (Qts will come down to almost half by simply shortening the second coil).

The E130 now also comes with individual parameters included in each box!

Short data

Usage as Woofer
Power Handling 60 Watt
Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency from 35 Hz
Max. Frequency 19 kHz
Sound pressure 83.44 dB


Overall dimensions 184 mm
Baffle cutout 150.2 mm
Depth (Total) 79.5 mm
Membrane Type Cone
Membrane Material Aluminium
Dustcap Material Aluminium


Resonance fs fs: 35 Hz
Mechanical Q Qms: 3.721
Electrical Q Qes: 0.93
Total Q Qts: 0.744
Equivalent Air-Volumen Vas: 45.048 Liter
DC-Resistance Re: 4.03 Ohm
Coil Inductance Le: 0.144 mH
Mech. Compliance Cms: 1.661 mm/N
Moving Mass Mms: 11.927 g
Max. Excursion +/- Xmax: 6.3 mm
BL Product Bl: 5.928 N/A
Membrane Area Sd: 138.93 cm²
Sound pressure dB: 83.44 SPL


Technical drawing

PDF-Product information

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