Klang + Ton Muvistar L - Kit without Cabinet

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Klang + Ton Muvistar L - Kit without Cabinet

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"In the duel against its little sister, the MuViStar L can score in almost every area. It is tuned a little more linearly and is therefore (and of course due to the larger woofer with significantly more volume) much more confident and blacker in the bass, which is due to the flat roll-off below 50 Hertz in the listening room marched quite confidently in the direction of 30 Hertz - even electronic basses are no problem for the box.Due to the lower crossover frequency, the MuViStar L appears a little more homogeneous in the transition between the drivers and convinces with an energetic and airy High-frequency range without ever becoming exhausting. In general, the box is remarkably resistant to unfavorable spatial conditions, if only because the AMT with its 8 centimeters foil length bundles vertically properly. In terms of spatial imaging, the perfect phase correctness of the drivers gives an extremely clean Staggered in width and depth, so that instruments too tal concerts such as the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto are presented in an impressively true-to-life manner. The MuViStar family is growing happily."




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