Mundorf M-CAP Supreme Classic 600 V

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Capacitors M-CAP Suprime Classic600 V

The MCap-Supreme has been internationally acclaimed as the ultimate high-end capacitor. Its outstanding sound performance is achieved with a unique combination of advanced technologies:

1. Special induction-free winding technology: Two capacitor windings are interleaved so that their inductances effectively cancel each other out. These two windings are connected in series. This means that it takes two 2µF windings to make a single 1µF MCap-Supreme capacitor - the same amount that it would take to produce a full 4µF of capacity using conventional technology!

2. Best available materials: The polypropylene film used for the M-CAP SUPREME has exceptionally low loss characteristics.

3. Sturdy plastic and aluminium cases: This prevents microphone effect feedback, thus protecting important signal details.
The resulting listening experience more than justifies all the effort we put into the MCap-Supreme. No other capacitor delivers a more spatial sound with such perfect reproduction of the finest musical nuances.
No matter where you use the MCAP-Supreme - as a coupling capacitor in your CD player or amplifier, or in the crossover of your speakers - you always get the same surprising and impressive performance. This capacitor mobilises such unbelievable reserves in your sound system that it is really justified to speak of a new Dimension of music reproduction. Furthermore, the effect is not only achieved with very expensive high-end components. It delivers a significant enhancement in more price-conscious configurations, making it a very worthwhile upgrade.
(Review: Klang & Ton 4/98, p. 68)

If you're serious about high end, you need to try this capacitor!

Technical Specifications:
  • Dielectric: Polypropylene
  • Dielectric strength: 600V DC
  • Tolerance: ± 2%, typ. 1%
  • Loss angle tan δ = 0.00002 to 1kHz
  • Loss angle tan δ = 0.00001 to 10kHz
  • Dimension D x L/mm: 20*38

Technical drawing

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