The main feature of the EVOLUTION winding technology comes with its unusual narrow but high capacitor reel. This geometry results in
two, acoustically clearly perceptible benefits in comparison to traditional, easier to produce capacitors. Firstly, a shorter but utmost little
loss signal path between huge contact areas is granted, thus an extreme low equivalent series resistance/ESR. Secondly, in order to meet
capacitance the number of paralleled windings is larger than with regular caps, thus an effectively minimized equivalent series inductivity/ESL. After the utmost precise EVO winding process, these reels are spilled by hand in especially developed housings. By that, vibrations and microphonic effects on the reel are most effective avoided. Furthermore, we only employ purest Polypropylene foil vaporized with the thickest metal layer possible. Plus the unusual asymmetric wire lengths allow both mounting directions on PC boards, horizontal and vertical.
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