Mundorf Baked Varnish Coil 1.0 CU

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Air cored coils L 100
Air cored coils are, for physical reasons, unbeatable as far as accurate pulse reproduction and freedom from distortion are concerned. For this reason, for all the purists, we stock air cored coils with wire diameters of up to 3.0 mm. It is also possible in this way to create greater inductances with relatively low internal resistance. Vacuum impregnation, which is described in detail at the end of the chapter "Zero Ohm Coils", also leads in the air cored coils described here to greater detail and spatial quality in the reproduction of music.

Technical Specifications:
Tolerance: Max 3%, typically 1.5%
Electrolyte copper 99.99 % pure
Coil forms: PA, glass fibre reinforced
Winding diameter: 1,00 mm
Wirediameter: 0,13 Ohm
Coil form: 30/17.5

Available Values from: 0,10 - 10,0 mH

Technical drawing

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