Mundorf M-CAP Supreme Classic Silver/Gold 1000 VDC

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Mundorf M-CAP Supreme Classic Silver/Gold 1000 VDC

The metallization of the capacitor foil for our MCap SUPREME SILVER/GOLD consists of pure silver, to which 1% gold of the nest purity is admixed. Gold alters the crystalline structure of silver and maximises its very good electrical conductivity. The outstanding properties of the MCap SUPREME - high de nition and auditory ambiance of the music playback - are once again audibly enhanced and substantially enriched in nely nuanced timbres through the utilisation of silver/gold.

„...with the silver-gold I can now even hear which wood the drummers vable! con rms Dirk Jambor from True Track Recording & Fairman Mastering Components.

Painstaking quality controls before during and after the lavish production of MCap SUPREME SILVER/GOLD assure the user of extremely marginal tolerance values and extraordinarily high long-term stability. In order to exclude possible vibrations which would lead to an alie-nation of the music signal, the capacitor is also mecha-nically stabilised in a special process.

The slightest tolerances of the components utilised in the right and left signal path are the decisive basis for a realistic, stereophonic-spatial music playback; the exact ability to locate musicians and an appropriate spatial imaging is only possible if the characteristics of the left and right channel are virtually identical.

The technical precision and rapidity of the MCap SUPREME SILVER/GOLD harmonise perfectly with musical beauty and elegance: From complete silence instruments and voices develop their entire vivid variety, clarity and strength in a wonderfully transparent auditory ambiance.

Technical Specifications:
  • Metallized Polyprophylene lm
  • Non inductive construction
  • Metallisation: 99% Silver, 1% Gold
  • Capacitance: 0,01µF-0,68µF
  • Dielectric strengh: 1000 VDC
  • Tolerance: +/-2%, typ. +/-1%
  • Loss factor 0.00002 @ 1kHz, 0.00001 @ 10kHz
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