Monacor RBT-95SR - Magnetostatic with Horn

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Magnetostatic tweeter
  • Impedance 8 Ohms, 70W MAX, 40W RMS
  • Magnetostatic speakers with horn front attachment
  • Compared with RBT-95 and RBT-95SQ, increased power capability
  • Neodymium magnetic system
  • Fine and brilliant reproduction of the high range, high efficiency
  • Ideally suited for 3-way speaker systems, 4-way speaker systems or for adding tweeters to full range speakers
  • Longitudinally grooved, slightly convex plastic front panel

HOBBY HiFi 03/2013

"With the RBT-95SR, MONACOR offers a magnetostatic tweeter at a very attractive price which ensures an excellent reproduction of the highest frequencies ... provides a very clean frequency response of high linearity which almost reaches 20 kHz."

Klang+Ton 02/2013

SPH-10M, MSH-115HQ, RBT-95SR and SAM-2 in the building concept 2DOT1
"A system of appealing design which provides an equally nice sound ... the speaker building concept features an amazing adaptability and almost unlimited settings ... incredibly suitable for everyday use, is capable of reproducing any kind of music and suitable for home cinema systems. The system provided an absolutely amazing sound when tested in the audio room. The small speakers appeared to reproduce the complete bass range. There was no way of locating the subwoofer. The tactics with the tiles achieved great results ... nothing trembles, even though a powerful bass speaker of a high power capability is set-up in the room. The satellites provide an extra light and high-resolution sound."

Short data

Usage as Tweeter
Power Handling 40 Watt
Impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency from 3500 Hz
Max. Frequency 22 kHz
Sound pressure 98 dB


Overall dimensions 95x68 mm
Baffle cutout 82x47 mm
Depth (Total) 35 mm
Membrane Type Magnetostatic


Resonance fs fs: 3500 Hz
Sound pressure dB: 98 SPL

Frequency & Impedance

Technical Dimensions

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