Monacor: high-quality speakers in a wide variety

Founded in Bremen in 1964, MONACOR INTERNATIONAL has now grown into a global group of companies. When it comes to speaker chassis, Monacor's range is one of the largest in the world. Whether loudspeakers for musicians, for hi-fi in your own four walls or car hi-fi - Monacor has the right technology for every application. The products have also made a name for themselves for decidedly high-end applications. In addition to tweeters, mid-range drivers, woofers and full range drivers, you can also get components such as crossovers, level controls and phono preamplifiers or headphone amplifiers in the hifisound online shop. With the complete kits, you can create high-quality systems from the chassis. If you should not find the current drivers from Monacor in our range, please contact us: we will order any available loudspeaker for you!
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Everything you need to make your own loudspeakers from Monacor

Monacor offers committed loudspeaker do-it-yourself builders the best technical prerequisites for the self-construction of loudspeakers, because in addition to the construction plans, the individual hi-fi system also needs the right components - otherwise everything remains theory. In practice, nothing works without additional accessories such as sockets, adapters, jack plugs, XLR plugs, protective grilles, bass reflex tubes, RCA angle adapters, level controls, banana plugs or crossovers. The company always relies on excellent material and processing quality and a reasonable price for all components. That's why Monacor products are extremely popular for making your own loudspeakers. Music lovers can easily put together the components for their private home cinema or PA systems thanks to the large selection. The brand is also known for its high-quality sound reinforcement technology. Even over long distances and outdoors, the loudspeaker solutions from Monacor show that they are among the top products in the large market for hi-fi products.

Monacor chassis and components inspire hi-fi lovers

Monacor knows the passion of technology enthusiasts who develop their own loudspeakers to perfection. That is why the German company offers a huge selection of suitable components for maximum flexibility and individuality. The range extends from the PA woofer to the PA mid-range speaker to the PA tweeter and horns. Of course, there are also PA coaxial and broadband loudspeakers as well as corresponding hi-fi chassis, hi-fi mid-range speakers, hi-fi tweeters and hi-fi full-range speakers. The miniature loudspeakers are not only suitable for the four walls at home, but also for companies and small clubs. Compact boxes can be perfectly equipped with broadband loudspeakers and serve countless purposes in the private and commercial sector. The hobbyists will also find various crossovers and other components that they need for their own construction. Monacor's popularity is based on a very good price-performance ratio, which also includes the many accessories from the amplifier module, to the controls and plugs, to the bass reflex tubes. At hifisound you get a fine selection of the best products that you need to build your individual device yourself. We would be happy to advise you and answer your questions about Monacor loudspeakers. Just give us a call or send us an email!