Visaton Experience V 20 - Speaker KIT without Cabinet

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Experience V 20 - Speaker KIT without Cabinet

Characteristics and sound properties
The EXPERIENCE V 20 is a 96 litre vented cabinet and features a baffle arrangement based on the D'Appolito principle arranged symmetrically around the tweeter. In order to suppress any unwanted interference by the front baffle on the radiation pattern, the entire mid- to high-range unit is not positioned in the middle of the cabinet, but towards the inner side.
The woofers in the EXPERIENCE V 20 are two W 200 S 8 Ohms 's in parallel up to around 450 Hz. From here, the mid-bass unit takes over. The W 130 S 8 Ohms 's, also connected in parallel, cover the mid-range frequencies up to around 3000 Hz and hand over to the G 25 FFL 8 Ohm textile dome unit at the high-range. The crossover unit is designed for bi-wiring.

The very first impression you get of this V 20 speaker system will demonstrate the unrestricted exuberance the speakers are capable of. At the lower octave levels, the two 20 cm woofers produce crisp bass sounds with a dynamic punch that is unusual for speakers of this size. The mid-range produces absolutely linear, undistorted sound and the overall effect is of tangible sounds, spatially separated from the speakers themselves. The crystal clear, airy high-range reproduction from the 25 mm textile dome unit puts the final touch to the upper frequency end.


" ... The Experience V 20 was "the only one we tested that was able to produce really fruity, deep bass. Die Experience V 20 did not only provide muscle power but also a liveliness that was way out ahead during all the tests. (...)
The Visaton Experience V 20 deserves the highest praise, because there has never been such tremendous listening pleasure at such a modest price before. (... )
Category: absolutely top-of the-scale III Sound quality: excellent
Verdict: "Sensational quality"/ Overall winner ..."

Technical Data:
  • Rated power: 180 W
  • Maximum power: 300 W
  • Nominal impedance Z: 4 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 29 - 30.000 Hz
  • Mean sound pressure level 88 dB (1 W/1 m)
  • Cut-off frequency: 450 / 3000 Hz
  • Principle of Housing: Bassreflex
  • Net volume: 96 l + 5,5 l
  • Outer dimension height: 1300 mm
  • Outer dimension width: 300 mm
  • Outer dimension depth: 360 mm


Frequency & Impedance


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