Monacor Direct Center-Speaker Kit without Cabinet

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Monacor Direct Center-Speaker Kit without Cabinet
The large home cinema center

When you look at the miniature home theater sets that are widely available today, two things stand out:
1.) To trust the fist-sized boxes in thin plastic housings to produce an adequate sound requires more optimism than even a good-humored loudspeaker technician can muster. The fact is that compared to a seriously constructed high-fidelity speaker, the limitations of such sets are obvious.
2.) Even in these systems, which are designed for miniaturization and low price, there are often centers that contain at least a double configuration of the system's other full-range effect loudspeakers.
In summary, the second point reflects nothing other than that in a surround system the center ultimately has to take care of the most important and demanding part. In terms of energy as well as sound, the performance of a home cinema system depends on the center, then the subwoofer, then the front speakers and, last but not least, the rear speakers - always assuming that at least all of them are present. Of course, you can only reach a high level with adequate solutions in all areas - but without the right quality in the more important areas, these immediately limit the result.
Conceptually, the DIRECT is nothing more and nothing less than a very large (home) cinema.

With this center you can really be sure that you will be able to reproduce everything that is contained in the film sound in terms of voices and background noises in the highest quality and with sufficient level reserves in any case.

The 3-way circuit with double bass and vertical mid-high frequency range meets all specifications for high-end sound reproduction for films and concerts.

Almost automatically, the DIRECT is particularly suitable for combination with our high-performance hi-fi systems KODEX and STRAIGHT, which also benefit from the superior quality of the MSH-116/4 in the midrange. With its optimally warm, homogeneous and nevertheless incredibly detailed sound, the DIRECT simply fits into any serious top-class home cinema system.

Parts list scope of delivery:
  • Bass-midrange driver 2 pieces SPH-176
  • Midrange 1 piece MSH-116/4
  • Tweeter 1 piece DT-25N
  • L1 1 x LSIP-180
  • L2 1 x LSIP-39/1
  • C1 + C4 1 x PU LSC-330NP (4 pieces)
  • C2 1 x MKTA-120
  • C3 1 x MKTA-82
  • C5 1 x MKTA-47
  • R1 2 x LSR-100/20
  • R2 1 x LSR-68/20
  • R3 1 x LSR-100/20
  • R4 1 x LSR-39/10
  • R5 1 x LSR-47/10
  • R6 1 x LSR-56/10
  • Terminal 1 x ST-955G
  • Insulation wool 2 x MDM-2
  • Sealing tape 1 x VE MDM-5 (5 pieces)
  • Screws 2 x VE MZF-8614 (32 pieces)
Hardware store parts list (not included in delivery)
  • Speaker cable 3 m, 2-wire
Wood cutting:
MDF 19mm
  • Side walls 2 pieces 172 x 400 mm
  • Back panel 1 piece 172 x 462 mm
  • Base/lid 2 pieces 500 x 400 mm
  • MT housing 2 pieces 172 x 200 mm
  • MT housing 1 piece 172 x 100 mm
  • Stiffening strip 2 pieces 172 x 100 mm
  • Birch Muliplex, 24 mm
  • Front/baffle 1 piece 210 x 520 mm


Frequenzy amd Impedance

Technical Drawing

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