Visaton Nano Satellite II - Speaker KIT without Cabinet

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Nano Satellite II - Speaker KIT without Cabinet

ATTENTION: The price refers to 1 piece, minimum order quantity = 2 pieces!

Characteristics and sound properties

NANO, Visaton's magic baby, has been revamped. In this new version, the rear-mounted tweeter has been dispensed with and the crossover unit adapted accordingly. This has enabled improvements in the natural quality of voice reproduction. In addition, the NANO is now far less susceptible to changes in position, especially the distance between the speakers and the wall. It is now possible to integrate them without loss of quality in bookshelves.

If you combine the NANO SAT MK II with the NANO SUB PR, you get a speaker system that is totally living-room friendly consisting of tiny satellites and a compact subwoofer which, all-in-all, sounds like a far larger, uncompromising column speaker set-up.

(Edition 4/2000)

"... The NANO system demonstrated clearly in the HOBBY HiFi test chamber that it music is a thing to be enjoyed. The response was extremely lively. But there was not the slightest hint of overdone effects. (...)
Particularly impressive was the dynamism that the subwoofer satellite system is evidently capable of. Anyone would agree that the bass unit has excellent level accuracy, but the satellites left us gasping for breath. (...)
NANO is the solution where you want loudspeakers that are smaller than small. (...) However, you will not need to compromise sound quality: this speaker system can take its place at the top of the quality range. ..."

  • Nominal power handling with high pass: 60 W
  • Peak power handling with high pass: 90 W
  • Nominal impedance Z: 8 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 150 - 22.000 Hz
  • Mean sound pressure level: 82 dB (2,83 V/1 m)
  • Cut-off frequency: 4000 Hz
  • Principle of Housing: Bassreflex
  • Net volume: 0,8 l
  • Outer dimension height: 180 mm
  • Outer dimension width: 86 mm
  • Outer dimension depth: 105 mm



Frequency & Impedance


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