Atoll Electronique: French passion for high-end products

The brothers Stéphane and Emmanuel Dubreuil shared a passionate fascination with hi-fi technology when they were young. However, the two music lovers with an affinity for technology soon realized that there were no quality products made in Europe available at affordable prices on the electronics market. Rather, the trend had set in among numerous manufacturers of entertainment electronics to outsource production to the Far East and thus deliberately circumvent European labor and environmental standards. With the aim of resisting this development, the two technology fans finally founded the company Atoll Electronique.

Without making compromises in terms of manufacturing and quality standards, the brothers led their newly founded company to the desired success within a very short time. With a lot of passion and the right instinct for the high demands of audiophile music lovers, the two entrepreneurs brought out hi-fi products that convinced with a unique sound quality and thus established themselves at breakneck speed. The high-quality high-end devices from Atoll are now sold all over the world and have already won a number of prizes, such as fairaudio's favorite AWARD 2009. Atoll hi-fi technology has also been available in Germany since 2002.

A wide range of high-end technology - the Atoll products at a glance

As a wide-ranging full-range supplier, Atoll Electronique from France offers a great range of the latest consumer electronics. From high-performance preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers to digital-to-analog converters, phono boxes and FM tuners, there is the right product for every music fan. The high-quality CD players from Atoll, which are also available as super-compact midi devices, also offer audiophile enjoyment at the highest level. Streaming components also give you access to the entire diversity of the digital music world that the Internet makes available to you.
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Traditional construction combined with sustainable technology

Atoll's integrated amplifiers attract particular attention in the music scene. In terms of performance and sound quality, these Hi-Fi devices are a real challenge to the competition. The recipe for the audiophile sound talents is as simple as it is ingenious: selected components built into classic circuits in perfect symbiosis with the highest processing quality. The legendary MOS-FET (metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor) amplifier technology with tube characteristics also ensures stable amplification and response times thanks to its fast switching times. The remarkable result is high tonal dynamics, powerful bass and an incomparably harmonious flow of sound.

A special feature of all Atoll preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers is the tracking preamp output. This allows you to easily set up bi-amping applications with an additional power amplifier. Thus, the amplifiers from Atoll are a sustainable investment for every music fan.

The innovative combined devices consisting of integrated amplifiers and network streamers, such as the Bluetooth-enabled SDA 100, go digital with high resolution. As the central switching unit of your entire music system, this device is a real stroke of genius using the latest technology. Stream your favorite songs comfortably via the home network, choose between 15,000 radio stations available via the Internet or feed your music conveniently via USB stick or external hard drive into the ultra-modern sound talent. The whole thing is controlled via an app – listening to music can be so innovative and convenient!

Unique Selling Points:

    • MOS-FET amplifier technology with tube characteristics
    • State-of-the-art streaming devices, integrated amplifier and Bluetooth receiver in one device
    • Sophisticated sound at a low price "Made in France"