Audio components from France


Founded in 1993, BC Acoustique is a French speaker and hi-fi component manufacturer specializing in high-end products. The company has grown steadily and has become a major player in the Hi-Fi and home cinema sector in France. In the meantime, however, word has gotten around internationally that BC Acoustique manufactures great products with an unbelievable price/performance ratio.

Christian Avedissian (the C of BC) and Bruno Roux (the B) founded BC Acoustique in a Paris suburb, Maisons-Alfort. They had been friends for 20 years and shared a common passion for sound and music (Christian studied piano for 14 years) and a common desire to one day start their own business. Christian Avedissian studied computer engineering in Paris, Bruno Roux engineering at the 'Ecole Nationale d'Aviation Civile' in Toulouse. He specialized in signal processing. During this time both built their own loudspeakers and began building various models for friends and relatives.

The small factory was opened on April 1, 1993. But starting a new company is always difficult. During this time, Christian and Bruno learned an important thing: In a difficult market, it is one thing to have a good product, but another to sell it. They decided to invest most of their earnings in advertising in Hi-Fi magazines. This policy meant a heavy investment; a gamble that would ultimately prove to be a wise decision.

BC has always believed that you can't sell your products abroad if you can't market them at home. After BC Acoustique was recognized as one of the largest loudspeaker manufacturers in France, they turned to other European countries. They started with Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. Over the next few years the company expanded to Spain, England and various other countries. After the great success of the loudspeakers, the first EX series appeared in September 2012. Amazing amplifiers and CD players with impressive features and great value for money.

BC always tries to be honest with the music and the listener, staying as close to the real thing as possible without trying to artificially embellish the sound. By using high-quality materials with as little electronic intervention as possible, BC Acoustique products deliver a clear and precise sound. You will be enchanted …

Christian Avedissian and Bruno Roux